Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Sweet Spot

As I take an enforced break from training with my latest bout of the flu  , I have
had time to reflect on the training or the lack of it so far.But I feel a lot more comfortable .I have had time to reflect about where my training fits in and why  I train.

In the end it boils down to a self centred desire to improve and to find that sweet spot in sports.It doesn't happen often and reading Sally Edwards book on Triathlons ,it is when everything comes together ,that feeling like an electric shock through the body .It touches every cell and every nerve.

The answer is simple because it is fun.I was thinking about the training and why I train and how I have changed so much in 3 short years.In the first year I was absolutely compulsive in keeping to me regime of training which was good but quite dangerous as well.My body didn't have enough time to recover and I was literally not getting enough sleep. Trying to cram as much into 24 hours a day can be detrimental. I fell asleep on my bike and in my car .Both could have had very serious consequences and fortunately for me they didn't . These thoughts flooded back as I started preparation for the Clubs Information night in October. How everyone who gets involved in triathlons will go through a similar experience. Sometimes it is good to make the mistakes and on other occasions it is better to learn from other's mistakes. I relish the opportunity to share and encourage those starting out despite my competitive bent ,it is always so inspiring to see others around me in the club reach or surpass their goals.

I have also learnt not to sweat the small stuff. Missing training sessions while not good isn't going to make or break my race. Life is not set out on a straight road.I have my work and its stresses and family.balancing all of that and commitments to my volunteer group all make training and recovery quite tough at times.

I did try to go for a run this evening but did not manage to go far before my coughing and wheezing got the better of me and I headed home. I hope I will be able to shake the flu off by the weekend and at least start next week feeling better and able to put in a solid week of training.It is now 96 days to Busso and hopefully I have had all my sick days now.

I did manage to surf the web more and enjoyed Mitch Throwers graduation speech in 1990 .

Whats the message in all this . Not alot. Live life , enjoy life , don't sweat the small stuff and find that sweet spot. For me its crossing a line at the end of a long day called Ironman.