Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fathers Day

Fathers day was on Sunday , a rest day for me but I decided to do an easy 1.20 run around the neighbourhood . It felt better . I was slow but I managed to run and finish . It was then off to church service with my kids and presents.  

I got a T shirt, chocolates and a triathlon Magazine and some interesting cards from the two of them. No breakfast in bed but i did get to sleep in till 7 am . the cards were real cute  and when not fighting with each other , shows the competitive nature between the two. Well at least they know what I like .

Whilst  Church has not been a real priority with the training I am doing it was a  familiar and a welcoming change. The Priest spoke about being a disciple of God and how before making such a commitment  you have to weigh  up the price .What does it costs ?

Like anything in life , there is a price and he spoke about the help given by God to his disciples. He used Fathers Day and what it was that symbolized a father everywhere to symbolise what help God gives us and to support us .

The symbols he suggested God had given us to help in our daily lives were :
A Manchester City scarf =passion
A TV remote control =being able to choose
Car wash products /car =a means of moving forward
A power tool=power
A can of beer=quenching our thirst

All symbolic and guidepost to turn to for that important support in times of need .That is what Faith is about . Belief in the unknown.

The rest of the day was spent resting and then it was off to Kings park with JJ as he ran round the Children's Playground  in the Park. I read my Fathers Day pressie.