Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting into the Groove

As the week begins , I am slowly getting into the groove of training . I am glad I am able to do the long runs on Sunday and have a easy Monday with a swim session.This week was a reasonably  hard week of swimming.I  did my swim after work and it was  a longish session of over an hour.
Monday 20th September
Warm up
500m freestyle with pull bouy easy
50m 6kick 1 stroke catchup on front 50m breastroke X 3 10 secs rest
All at threshold or firm and all freestyle
300m 30 sec 250m 30 secs 200m 20 secs 150m 1 mins rest X 2
Cool down
With pull bouy 25 kick 50 freestyle X 4
It was a 2.9km session and I felt it particularly as the lane was crowded and I was having to speed up or slow down lots.
Tuesday Morning was the standard hard cycling session. Everyone was out and I felt good.Rode with the 3 girls ,Tenike , Michele and Juliana and Johnny  joined us soon after so we were working in a group of five>That suited me better than the previous week. I found it a lot more comfortable riding and I had a slightly longer recovery period between turns in the front. The weather and temperature was good and I had my thick jaggard jacket on so I actually had a good sweat from riding hard. I managed to keep up and Stuart joined us and everytime he was in the front he would surge forward and we would all be trying to catch up.i managed to hold onto his wheel and it was only in the last 5 minutes , Michelle called out that the hour was up and I slowed up but the rest kept going and I then just had to keep going.It was a good ride.I had an average of 34 kph and that was with the ride to Nedlands at easy pace. 
Overall did 52.5 km and I felt pretty good after the ride 

Wednesday 22 September.
I decided to do my run in the morning and my swim in the evening.Got up relatively early and headed of to the Light Street Park.I had a1.10 session with 8 x 800m sessions at threshold.It was fairly cold but at least it was warm running to the park and then started >Managed to get my heart rate up to 145 and above 153 but it was mainly around 140-145.I felt the run was a little better than my first interval session last Wednesday. I did just under 12km and most of the efforts were under 5min pace.
After work I did my swim set which was the hardest session .I did a 3.3 km session and finished at 7.20pm .over an hour session and I was pretty tired at the end.
Wednesday 22nd September
Warm up
10 x 50m 5sec rest free, free, back, breast, repeat
700m  1 min rest medium pace
600m 1 min rest firm pace
500m  1 min rest medium  pace
400m  40 secs rest firm with pull bouy
300m  30 secs rest fast
200m 20 secs rest fast with pull bouy
100m medium
Cool down
3 x 100m (25 backstroke 75 freestyle) Easy
Bring on the rest of the week.