Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pressure is a Priviledge

The hard yards begin this week ....I had a good rest on Saturday and Sunday but did my long run on Sunday evening .It was a 1.41 run with 45 mins at medium pace which was about 145 to 150 HR .I maanged a 17.66 run and it was comfortable without any fluids and gels .I averaged a 5.39 pace and Iam happy with that for the moment.
On Monday I did my swim session in the evening and finished late so fortunately I did my run on Monday.Not quite to the programme but close enough . I have had tp space out the trainning with the workload and other commitments this week. The swim session wasn't too bad and I managed to do the full 2.8km session in an hour.
Warm up
100m freestyle 50m backstroke 50m breastroke
L3 x 3, L2 x 2, L1 x 1
Main Set
1200m with pull bouy medium pace 1 min rest
600m firm pace 1 min rest
2x 200m fast with 30 seconds rest
Cool down
400m with pull bouy easy
I was glad there was the Pull Buoy in the session somewhere .the lanes were crowded at beatty park and i did get kicked a few times .I ran into the rest of the guys swimming out of Beatty park doing the same set.
Tuesday was a hard session. ross was away and we set off as  instructed by Ross and communicated by Rod. I was with Michelle, Tenike ,and julianna . the only guy .Tenike dropped out after the first lap so it wa sjust the 3 of us and it got harder .I was struggling to keep up on the short climbs and had to miss quite a few turns at the front .I managed to stay with them for the ride and we did 3 laps of the nedlands circuit. The group is reasonably stable at approximately 12 or so atheletes and I have now been training with Exceed for over 3 years .
As I rode back with Jasmin last saturday , I told her I really train with the group for the support and camaraderie  rather than any information or technical support or a programme. Havong said that it is good to be able to follow a system and to swim in a squad even if I will not be taking a whole lot of time off my result.

I did feel the ride on tuesday a lot . I did average over 32kph for the 1.20 hr ride and then just rode back to the city.
I had a good rest for the remainder of the day and the chat at coffee was the results of the world championships at Budapest .A few friends from Exceed had good results and very fast bike times.
Today I did my swim at lunch time but did not manage the whole set ...just was quite an easy set and I enjoyed it. I was averaging a 2.15 to 2.10 100 meter pace on my firm sets.

Warm up
400m freestyle 2x 100m medley 10 sec rest
Main Set (all freestyle)
300m firm 40 seconds rest
200m easy 30 sec rest
2x 150m fast 30 secs rest
2x 100m easy 20 secs rest
6x 50m fast 10 secs rest ( did not do)
200m easy 20 secs rest
Cool down
100m freestyle 25m backstroke 25m breastroke X2
100 freestyle easy
I had to skip my run as I had a meeting that lasted past 7pm . On the way home I heard an interview on the radio of cathy freeman , the 400m Olympic gold medalist at the 200 Olympic games on her thoughts on this day the 10th anniversary of the 2000 games. She quoted Billie Jean King ,the Tennis great ,who said "pressure is a privilege ". 

It really is how we look at a crisis , a problem or an obstacle. Its like hills , they are hard but you can grow to climb them proficiently. In the microcosm of sports there are many parallels to life and how we should face them . Each day I intereact with many individuals , I see the best and the worse in people and I am full of admiration for many who care and give of their time to others both as carers of loved ones and as volunteers.I think of the many who struggle with a disability. I often wonder how would I cope in such a situation .You just do not know. 

It is a privilege to be able to help and despite the selfish element of my sport , I enjoy the pressure and the privilege I am afforded in being able to enjoy my sport.