Sunday, November 25, 2018

WEEK 19 November 19 -25 Taper


"Unless you test yourself, you stagnate. Unless you try to go way beyond what you've been able to do before, you won't develop and grow. When you go for it 100%, when you don't have the fear of "what if I fail," that's when you learn. That's when you're really living." --Mark Allen 6 time Ironman Champion

The work has been done and now the last 2 weeks before the race .Still lots to cover and I tend to work through the tried and tested preparation for Ironman .

My preparation remains the same in reducing the volume of training and the intensities have dropped .This year had planned on more swims in the ocean just to get the comfort level and confidence up but I haven't swum as much as I would wish .Speed will be slow . 
The links to checklist and preparation and I also write out my nutrition plan following my sweat test that reinforces what I need to do regarding my nutrition and sodium intake.


Open water swim at Hillaries at 6am .A few swimmers out and I did it on my own .The Garmin wasn't working but think I would have swam 1500 to 1600m

Run in the afternoon 7km easy


Zwift session for 36km with 50 minutes in a C grade easy ride but trying to maintain over 2 watts per kg pace and at times the group was riding in excess of 3 watts per kg pace,

then ran for 4km easy off the session


I was suppose to swim but rested in the morning as I felt the fatigue in the legs .I did a thread mill session of 7km with 5 x 800m at 5min per km pace and 200m walking .In the evening an easy Zwift ride for 22km then ran a short 3km of the session.


A run  at easy pace for 7km and in the evening an easy Zwift session of 22km

A short easy run of 5 km and rested the rest of the day


Ride round the river with CRT for 65km and then ran a short 2km of the bike.

Sunday Inter-Club Championships 

Pics by Graham, Ryan


I did the inter-club championships , racing for Exceed. Got a chance to practice the transitions and at least a swim.I finished in 1.24hr. A slow 20min swim including the transition and then 37min for the ride and transition ,one of my faster bike splits and finished with a 25 min run for 5kms about 1.5 minutes slower then 2013. Overall I am pleased with the hit out and expected a slow swim. Last week before the Ironman and a full taper.

Total 11.5hrs

Bike 165km
Run 41km
swim 2,5km

Week 18 Final hard week

 Hall of Fame

Last hard week before a 2 week taper .

There is no real rest day this week . I had a short run of 7km and then a much needed massage .Everything is sore but not carrying any injuries and choosing to rest when ill or just tired has helped me pace myself well this time round.Not ever at 100% but that would mean a concerted consistent 20 week program which at present is down to motivation.


Another 7km run in the afternoon. A Zwift race of 11mins warmup and then 55 minutes racing with a 3km run off the bike.


Ocean swim at Hillaries with about 1600m in the morning and in the afternoon a Thread mill session with 7km , 7 x 600m at 5min per km and 200m walking .

in the evening a massage which helped with the recovery.


Morning Zwift session of an hour but not going hard.Run at lunchtime for 6km and in the evening another Zwift sesson race just under an hour .The temperature was in the 30s today so a very hot training day .


I slept in although I was suppose to be swimming.The hard day yesterday with the heat left me sore   . Ran at lunch time just 6km and an easy Zwift ride of 45minutes in the evening .


Last long ride of 121km . Again started early at 5.30am .It was suppose to be hot but it wasn't but was very humid. lost alot of fluids on this ride.We got a coke at the servo but still did not have enough water. # bidons of 750ml and  2100mg of salt .Needed atleast 3500mg .No cramping but felt the ride especially with the headwing coming back.

We all ran 3km off the bike . In the afternoon I rode for 50minutes on Zwift


A swim at Hillaries. The Garmin was not recording but I think I swam about 2km in the 50 minutes.

No run and so just rested the rest of the day.


Run 39km
Bike : 265km
Swim :3.5km

Time : 14.5hrs

Final week before the taper 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Week 16 & 17 Ocotber 29 to Nov 11,2018


Last few weeks of training before the taper .

Started as a hard week but tapered into a rest weekend as I had a cold .But correct decision to rest as I needed it .

Monday 29 October 2018
I ran 6km easy and then in the evening a 35km zwift session of  1.07hr.


8Km run a little harder and then 32km on zwift in 1.16 hr.


6km run easy and then a massage in the evening.


37km zwift session and then 5km on the treadmill with some sprints


zwift 24km in the am and 3.6km run off the bike

swam in the arvo with 1500m in the pool

Then in the evening 38 km on zwift as well


Skipped the long ride down the bike path and rested .

Skipped training but did do a short session on the bike of 75 minutes which I found hard as the body was just tired with the cold.

Swimming remains the main area where I have not  put in the training needed particularly with swimming in the ocean .

Week 18

Monday rest day as still felt tired and rundown.


Back to training.Being Melbourne Cup day .The office stopped to watch the race and after that I ran 10kms along Leighton's Beach.Lovely day and no traffic around as everyone was enjoying post cup celebrations .

In the evening did a Zwift race 80 minutes and then 4 kms off the bike .


A zwift session easy in the morning with 45 minutes and then a run in the afternoon (8.5km ) and then a further zwift session of 45 minutes  .


Swam at Beatty Park .Just a 2.350 swim to try and get as comfortable as possible in the water.In the evening a 90 minute zwift ride .


Another pool swim of 2km at Beatty Park and then a short run of 4km easy.


A straight down the Freeway bike path of 121km .No break at the servo . A good average of 31.3 although we had some favorable winds . Happy with the ride and did not feel too stretched .

Did a 4.5 km run off the bike then in the afternoon another 50 minutes on the wind trainer on Zwift


The ocean was quite choppy but went in and swam for 30 minutes struggled and had a bit of anxiety but at least got it done. After numerous Halfs and full Ironmans lots of ocean swims , still have issues with rough water swimming and the fact that my last full ocean swim bar the practice I had recently was in Hawaii at Kona with little swim training in the past 20 months .

Then ran for 8km with a negative split averaging 6 minutes per km .That was comfortable and lots of people on the pavement pounding a leisurely run along the coast on a beautiful Perth Sunday .


run: 39.2km
Bike: 270km
swim : 5km

Total:15.5 hrs