Sunday, March 29, 2009

Point walter triathlon

After thursday with work and my sore back I wasn't able to keep to my program and did nothing.
Saturday morning I rode for 2 hours along the coast with a howling wind coming back.ran off the bike for 10 mins and felt ok.

Ther est of the day just rested and hoped that the sore back would resolve itself.Did take some pain killers and that knocked me out in the evning but felt strange the next day.A little giddy and sleepy and off balance .My HR showed my heart rate was at 44 -49 bpm so I decided to get to the race start and see how I felt.

The swim start was ok but the windy was pretty gusty and got out of the water in approx 33mins and to the first timing mat at the top of the hill in 35 .27 min

The bike leg was an improvement from last year (but I did fall once last year)
did the bike course in 1.16

and the run in 44 mins a PB for me

I must be doing something right......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A stressful week

Monday 23 march

I knew this was going to be a hard week with a heavy workload at work and trying to keep up with work.
swimming at 6-7 was good after a restful sunday.
did 2.5 km and felt good .I did not manage my 1.40 run in the evening having finished work late.

Usual ride at Nedlands and rode with the whole second group with R cheering us on at the back.took my turn at the front for as long as I could then just hung onto the back of the group for the next two legs with the occasional turn in the front.defintely one of the faster rides and ran off the bike for 15 mins before riding back .I think it was an ok workout especially with a sore back from sitting badly in the office.
For the rest of the week i have had a sore back.
wed 25 March
Swim again in the morning.Did 2.5km
600 warm up
200 free
200 medley
200 free

800m firm
600m firm
400m firm
200m medley
200 warm down i missed a 100m segment
I tried to keep my stroke good and whilst I wasn't faster ...actually was a 100-150 metres behind the gp in my lane I think i moved better than a month ago.My stroke count is still not a s good as I want it to be.
i was hoping to run in the evening but work prevented that as well.
Could not manage any training on thursday so it is looking like a light week.

A stressful week

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the weekend

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Friday, March 20, 2009


Thursday turned out to be a lazy day in the morninmg as I slept in instead of an easy 2 hr ride...but i could afford to skip a few for the sake of rest.
Did attend North coast tri club run training:
the exercise today was :
1200 warm up
3 x 1200 + 400 + 400m runs with a time of 6 mins 2.30 and 2.30 mins with a min rest inbetween and a further min after each leg
then 2 x 400m then a warm down

did swim training and felt alot stronger and managed to keep up with the rest accept when we hit the medleys.
di 2.3 km in all.
The run was in overcast weather with a hint of rain but did the hour easy run without getting wet.

Saturday 21 march
got up real early for the ride.It was NCTC annual ride into death Valley .
I rode off at 4.45am from home to kingsley dome and from there we set off at 5.30am for Toodyay road and then up redhill to Obrien road and into death Valley for a 40km loop coming out at reserve road and then heading to giggi for a break as the riders regrouped.i managed to keep up and was in the 2nd group of riders into giggi .It wasn't too bad but probably went out too hard and didn't take in enough liquids with the cool weather.the ride out was in darkness with a fog making the ride out to the base of redhill a little nerve wrecking with 38 riders of various levels.

Once in the valley I managed to stick to a few riders and keep up the pace. After the short 20 mins rest I headed off on my own to mundijong via stoneville road and back home via helena valley , darlington and guildford.did 142 km so I was short of the 150 mark but did my 30 min run and felt ok despite my quads being sore from all those hills. I did listen to the coach and rested on sunday and feel alot better for it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A slow start

Monday 16 March
I skipped the swim this morning as the 200 km i did on the weekend had me a little stuffed .
First lesson learnt ...TRY and follow the coaches program.Problem with triathletes
is the overdone bits.
Ran in the evening for an hour and half .just slow to medium pace and felt comfortable .Did not over exert as shown in the pace of approx 6min/ km .

Got up at 4.30 and headed out to Nedlands for the usual hard session.
I manahed to hold my own with T and J .Although everone was recovering from the weekend race so it wasn't difficult. Caught up with the stragglers in the front pack and then did the last loop together.
not the fastest pace but averaged 32.6 including my slow ride out to nedlands.
Did 50km again with the coffee stop at Tigerlilys ...The only reason to put yourself thru this is the coffee in the morning .

Wednesday 18 March
Swim this morning at Terry Tyzacks
had a really interesting swim sessiom
Goes like this:
600m free warmup(used pullbuoy for 200m)
4 x 250 firm and fast with one 50 m free and 200m medley with a run of 50 meters out of the pool or 20 pushups.
75 free and 25 kick x 2 cooldown.
cramped at the end of the cooldown and managed to keep up with the swimmers in my lane ...the slow lane till the medley and then had to catch up but i wasn't too far in the end that was good.

no run this eveining ...had a meeting anyway.

IRONMAN MALAYSIA 2009!!(bryan Rhodes race report for some light reading)

"The only difference between a hill and mountain is something called attitude (along with courage and determination)" - Dick Hoyt ( )

Saturday, March 14, 2009

another bonza week

Tuesday 10 march was the usual morning speed session ...the rest of the group bar 3 of us were having a shortened session.I did the half hour ride from the office to Nedlands then an 1 hour hard.rode with T , J and L and manged to keep up but it was hard .Did approx 50km all up.
Swim session did 2.5 k still focussed only on stroke..used the pullbuoy throughout.No run in the evening and felt good.
Thursday i skipped the bike ride as I was ill with cramping pains in the stomach but did the interval session at NCTC
was a light session because nearly everyone is doing the City of perth triathlon which doubles as the australian championships
did 800 warm up
5 x 200m
2 x 800 m
5x 200m
warm down

dis the swim session in the evening
just a 500m warm up
16 x 100m on 2.15 cycle
and warmdown 200m

feeling more comfortable in the water now just focussed on keeping my elbows high
no run today its become a lighter week than my recovery week

got up early and started off at 6.15am Had to do 150km ride in the hills
it was relatively cool at 15C
will try and be consistent on the ride .

Did the noranda...guildford...helena valley darlington ..mundijong..stoneville road to ...giggi...back to mundijong and then right thru mundaring weir road to kalamunda and back thru mundaring weir road to mundijong and guildford , then home.
ran off the bike for 20 mins
felt good but still need to get more salt and liquids in .legs were sore but no cramps
very slow average but the winds out to the hills were hard and so were the climbs .the trip back was better.
rest day tomorrow but will ride down to watch the race.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The 'Hottest Couple in Triathlon'; sponsored by blueseventy

Chrissie and her Cannondale new
Written by: Dan Empfield

Cam Brown, Gina Ferguson Triumphant at 25th Anniversary IM New Zealand
By Betsy Delcour

"It's still the big target for any triathlete," Gleeson says. "Everyone aspires to do one and when they do one, it gets in their blood. It's like they have discovered Christianity."

There are converts everywhere. (quote from Paul Gleeson former race director of IMNZ )

Results: 25th Bonita Ironman New Zealand
Ironmanlife: Ironman China
Kevin Mackinnon chats with Ironman China's race director, Murphy Reinschreiber


Fabian Cancellara's Saxo Bank Specialized S-Works Transition

a great week

It did not start out too good with me missing a bit of the training on wednesday and Thursday but by frday I had got back on the training saddle.
Did the friday swim thing .It seems the hardest thing to do get out of bed when everything is sore from the previous nights training.

I did get down and swim for the hour and did ok .Did approximately 2.5km and felt reasonably good .I focussed again on the stroke .

friday evening I went down to Sorrento lifa saving to do a run and watch the aquathon.
Did an hour run and felt ok.The left hammy was still tight but it was bearable.

Saturday ,I managed to get out of the house by 6.15am and headed for the hills .It was a 120 km ride today easy .What is easy about climbing hills ,I do not know.
I started out fighting the darkness and cold wind but it soon warmed up.The wind was ahead wind for parts of the ride as i climbed thru helena Valley , darlington and Mundijong and Mundaring weir Road and Kalamunda.Did 60km to Kalamunda and had coffee ....a few roadies admired the specialised.

rode back at a much faster pace but still only averaged 25/26kph for the 120km .Then did a 20 min run easy.
Ther est of the day was just recovery and grocery shopping.

Got up early on Sunday and rode the mountain bike down from Hillaries to Coogee for the Coogee Jetty swim.Dave norton led the small group of 5 North Coasters .It was hard work keeping up with them.
The swim was great and with perfect conditions ...a flat body of water and a slight current in our favour .I did the 1500 m swim in 29.58 m a PB for me .
I then had the breakfast put on with the rest of the group and rode back.It was 32C and hot and dry and again tough riding a mountain bike back.I did close to 200km on the weekend .

looking forward to the new week.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

tri news

ip taylors blog on her long course win

Huskisson First Lap of Swim

Aussie, Aussie in Malaysia
Granger and McKenzie take 10th anniversary Ironman Malaysia titles

Published Saturday, February 28, 2009
Aussie, Aussie in MalaysiaLuke McKenzie ran away from Bryan Rhodes to claim his sec

The Corner: Benchmarking Your Swimming
By Gordo Byrn

a relaxing week

Monday 2 march was a public holiday and we met up at Cottesloe for a swim but it was really stormy so we had breakfast my coach LOL
I did do my run in the arvo for an hour easy.
Tuesday 3 march we had transitions practice.It was difficult as i could not get my foot into the shoes easily ...need to practice more eventhough its not a priority.
i did not train on wed and just did the NCTC interval training on thursday evening
did : 800 m warmup
2 x 1200 at 6.30
3 x 800 at 5.00
3 x 400 2.45
400 warm down

it was not the best with tightness around the left hammy so i eased up on the sprints .