Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Week 6 August 20 - 26

Saturday morning with Irondog

After the previous week with a heavier load of running and cycling , it is a slightly lesser week with possibly more intensity .

The legs are tired but manageable. It is still cold so I have not ventured out but the training on Zwift I think is good.

Monday 20 August 2018

Ran 8km in the evening at really slow pace just under 8min/km and then rode easy on the wind trainer for 10 minutes.Legs were still tired from the weekend ,

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Did a Zwift work out of 1 hour as part of the Zwift Academy program riding 32km in 1 hr,

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Felt tired but ran outside instead of on the treadmill as I normally do.I ran easy for 10km at  about 6.11mins per km pace  .

Thursday 23 August 2018

I ran at lunch time and managed 10km at 6 min pace . Relive Lunch Run
In the evening did another Zwift Academy workout and ran 2km off the bike.

Friday 24 August 2018

To bring my mileage up I ran at lunch again real easy 8km at 7min/km pace.In the evening a easy 30min ride on the wind trainer and a 2km run

Saturday 25 August 2018

Skipped the river ride again as it was just too cold for me .Opted for a hard wind trainer session with a 1hour workout followed by 45 min riding on the UCI course in Innsbruck then  the group ride led by the CEO of Zwift .It was supposed to be an easy group ride but I find them hard with my wattage and HR always going to the upper end of capacity. Managed 36km in the hour for a total ride of 86km in 2.45hr. Then ran 3.5km with Irondog .

Sunday 26 August 2018

Felt sore but decided to ride on the bike outside VR .Rode to the coffee shop and back really easy for 40kms .

Hoping the weather starts to improve as the build progresses to longer rides outdoors and swimming.
Total :

Bike 213km 7 hrs
Run 34km 4.5 hr

Monday, August 20, 2018

Week 5

A break from the training

13 August - 19 August 2018

A double run day .A first as I could not ride today. I ran 8km in the morning and a further 8km in the evening for 16 km in 1h40m . Legs were a little tired.1hr.40 mins in total running time


A run in the afternoon a short easy 6km at about 6.30 pace then in the evening I did the Zwift Academy Over ones programme No 4 Intensive Anaerobic .Was not as hard as last weeks workouts with between 20 and 30 seconds at about 220 to 300 watts.


A treadmill session of 45minutes with just 1km warm-up then 6 x 800m at between 4.50 min per km up to 4.30 min per km and 2 minutes recovery between for a total of 7km.

Massage in the evening.


Easy run on Thursday 

Easy run of 6km at 7.12minutes per km and in the evening Zwift work out 5 .A bit harder with 5 x 1 minute at 285 to 340 watts.


Easy run a long the river for 6km at lunch time
In the evening did another zwift session of 75 minutes partly on a social group ride with 2-2.5 watts output but at times it was a lot harder .I dropped off at 45minutes for a total of 45km in the 75 minutes.


Did not ride on the road with the temperature at 3C and  opted for another long wind trainer session split into  46minutes on the Zwift just chasing riders for an output of 160 watts.Then an hour later a full 75 minutes doing a 60minute session which was harder with 4 x 4 minutes at 280 to 320 watts with 7 minutes recovery between . In the afternoon I did a cross fit session comprising:

lunges with a 10kg plate
dumbell push press with 10kg dumbbells
rolling forward push ups (rolly)
push ups
bicep curls
arm extensions with dumb bells

started with 1 rep for each building to 10 reps in the last round taking 50 minutes.


Late start with a run at noon for 12km @ 6.30 pace in 1h17 min

Then a Zwift group ride in the evening with Eric Min CEO of Zwift leading the ride. It was 35 km in the 60mins on the UCI Innsbruck course which was good fun but hard at times as riders surged beyond the range of power for the ride. Ended at an average of 160 watts for the session.

Total for the week 13 hours
Bike 6.5hr 203km all on a wind trainer
Run 5.5hr 52km
crossfit 45mins

Week 3

                                                           All I need is coffee and my dog

Week3: 30 July - 5 August 2018

The soreness of Saturday's long training session lingered.

Still no swimming with the cold mornings in Perth a real hindrance. I will have to bite the bullet to get the swimming up to speed.

Had a rest day


A easy 7.2 km run and then a wind trainer zwift session in the evening .60 minutes and 30 kms of undulating terrain on Zwift.


Treadmill session with 8km comprising 800m at 4.30 to 5 min per km pace then 200m walk x 7 .


An easy run of 6km and in the evening another zwift session of 80mins with 60mins on the Tour De Cure Australia ride on zwift which was a bit hard and got dropped at the end .Rode the Innsbruck UCI course with some short climbs on the course .Averaged 160 watts for the hour.


Easy run of 6km and again in the evening 30km easy ride on zwift in the evening .


Bad weather meant a 130minute session on zwift riding a workout for the first 90minutes and then hard laps for the remainder of the session for 62kms

An easy 3km run off the bike with Irondog and in the afternoon cross fit was 30 minutes of just deadlifts and cleans and push press for 8 rounds.


A long slow run along the coast .Managed 16kms in 1.40 hr which was a good pace and I did not feel I had pushed hard.

Total for the week;
Bike 5h22m   162km
Run 6h12m   37km
cross fit 25mins
total :12 hrs

WEEK 1 & 2 Ironman Busselton 2018

"Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
– Joshua J. Marine

Like all quotes they inspire if we take the first step and keep moving forward..After a long hiatus after last year's trip to the Pyrenes with just being unwell , it is time to start training again.

After the Pyrenes last year I developed flu like symptoms and a really bad cough which prevented any exercise. I could not breathe and as such had to stop exercising for close to 6 months before several specialist visits to ENT and respiratory physicians suggested maybe it was just being run down and a very sensitive larynx .

The build towards Ironman starts slowly with the difficulty of training through a wet Perth winter. I was planning on starting swim training but the cold weather has not encouraged me back into the pool yet.

So for week 1 it was riding and running . The plan is simple to build slowly and really be consistent.
Not alot of technical work other than keeping to indoor Zwift training 2-3 days a week depending on the weather and building the Saturday long rides to 150km

Other than that it is just getting the running legs able to take the fatigue at the end of the bike. I hope to do most of the runs easy with one session on the wind trainer with increased tempo /speed and the long run on Sunday.

Week 1 16 July 2018

Slow start to the training with the cold weather . This was a very gradual build .I ran on Monday for 40 minutes covering 6.15km .On Tuesday I did a Zwift session on the wind trainer for 50 minutes and about 21km .Rested for the rest of the week with the rain and did a 2.5 hour session on the wind trainer for 60km with a fair bot of climbing on Zwift Watopia route. No training on Sunday .Really just starting to get back into trying to follow the routine. The hardest part was consistency against overdoing and being tired with a lack of recovery and trying to balance the 2 .

Week 2 23 July 2018
Getting better with a little more consistency.
Monday was an easy run of just under an hour for 8.5km
Tuesday I did a weight session of 45min made up of :
400m run on the treadmill
13 deadlifts at 60kgs
20 squats x 8
(based loosely on the Saman Hero WOD named after the Thai diver who lost his life trying to rescus the Thai soccer team lost in the cave)
In the evening a Zwift session of 30km taking 1.17minutes doing a Zwift programme and cool down.

Wednesday a treadmill session with 8km in 47 minutes comprising 1km warm up then 7  x 800m at 5 minutes per km to 4.24 minutes per km with 200m walking recovery.

Thursday a gym session with  400m run , tricep dips, dumbell bicep curls , sit ups and push ups x 20 for 8 rounds  . In the evening another Zwift session which was 30km and an hour .

Friday Easy run 6.22km and in the evening another easy zwift session of 30 minutes with 15km.

Saturday with the bad weather opted for another long wind trainer session on zwift of 90 minutes and 42km then rode to crossfit easy spin followed by 45 mim WOD comprising :
200m run
10 cleans 50kg
20  sumo high pulls 35kg
30 sit ups
7 rounds
(suppose to do 10 )

Rode home which made the ride for Saturday 70kms

Was sore on Sunday so skipped the long run

The first 2 weeks of training was about 4 hours for the first week and 12.5 for the second week .
A slow start but hopefully a good base build.Getting back into the saddle of training after 18 months.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Week 4

6 August -12 August 2018


Legs were feeling good and did an easy 6 km run at lunchtime very slow pace of 7.20 minutes per km.
In the evening started on Zwift Academy 8 week programme of 10 workouts and 4 group rides and 2 races schedule. Will be doing 3 sessions a week . First was Monday at 7pm a group ride at 2.2 to 2.7 watts per kg pace but turned out to be much harder .Finished the 60 minutes covering 37.6km at 200m elevation and averaged 167wattts for the period.Exhausted.


A short easy run of 6.16km in the evening followed by 70minute workout on Zwift .Again a brutal session of 4 minutes at 220 and 10minutes at 180 watts with a final 5 x 1minutes at 225watts .Legs were tired.


A sort of rest day with a treadmill session of 7km with 500m @ 4.30 to 5 minute pace x 6 and the rest at 7 minute pace.


Easy run on treadmill for 5km with 120 squats and 120 sit-ups.

Zwift Workout No 2 was pretty hard with 73 minutes on the windtrainer comprising


Easy run at lunchtime of 7km at under 7mins a km pace


Freezing cold morning so I had a late start and no group ride . Coffee in the morning and then from 12 to 3 pm a 2.5 hr session on the windtrainer doing workout 3 and a race then running 3 kms off the bike.

Sunday was a long run but opted for a rest day .

Total for the week just under 10 hours of training with more time at threshold