Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Training Week

As I did not manage my run session on Wednesday , I decided to do the run on Thursday.It was going to be a long day.

I did my 2hour bike ride with 5 x 10 min efforts round the river ,riding from home. It was a cold 3.8C and the wind was pretty strong at points on the route. But i managed a good time .As I rode over the Narrows Bridge I ran into Ross and crew from Exceed after their training at Nedlands so I went to breakfast with them.I was pretty tired after the ride andat lunch did a run round the bridges approx 11.5km) I did 3x 1km,3 x 800m , 4 x 400m efforts with 1 min between each effort.despite the cool weather in the morning by lunchtime it was sweltering and I was really tired and thirsty after the run .i was happy with the effort but the legs were cooked and I still had to ride home.Managed the run and ride 68km on the bike .It was a long training session.

I did my swim on friday evening and skipped my easy run in the morning.

Friday 17th September
Warm up
200m freestyle
Drills with fins
50m chicken wings 50m finger drag 50m freestyle X 4 10 secs rest
50m 6 kicks 3 stroke on side X 5 sec rest
50m backstroke 50m freestyle x 2
Main Set
400 freestyle 100m medley firm 1 min rest
100m medley 300m freestyle medium 1 min rest
100m medley 200m freestyle fast 40 secs rest
100m freestyle 100 medley firm 20 secs rest
100m medley 100m freestyle fast
300m freestyle easy
Swam at Beatty Park and it was pretty busy in the public lane I took it slow and easy and managed the session in 70 mins.