Saturday, September 25, 2010

AFL Finals

Other than the AFL Footy Finals between Collingwood and St Kildas ,Saturday is my Long Bike Ride.I remember my ride last year on Finals day.It was a eerily quiet morning.Not a lot of traffic about and a bright warm ,there was more cyclist about but otherwise it was a great day .

I started off just after 6am and found that getting my heart rate up was very hard .For the first 63 km down the freeway bike course I was struggling with my HR at about  130-135.A good 10 beats lower than last week.I averaged 31.5kph down the freeway and I hung on to 4 cyclist for the last 5 km before I reached the 2 hour mark.

Had a  short break before the return ride. I was using my gels for the first time in 4 months and found that the orange cordial drink didn't really go down too well with the gels.I managed the whole ride on 2 Bidons or 1.5lt Will have to avoid that again.I had one bidon with Gatorade and for the first hour I had stomach cramps but they settled as the miles rolled by.It was reasonably windy but I did not have any real headwinds to contend with and was actually quite a nice ride.Probably had a few cross winds and definitely some helpful winds on the way back.

After the turn around I began to build a more consistent pace and managed to get my average up to 32kph by the end of the ride.By far my strongest result although I don't think i was firing on all cylinders with my low HR .

As I rode the freeway I saw a few familiar faces .Claudia Dohr was training on her own and heading back as I was riding south and on my ride back saw Trevor .I whizzed by screaming a hallo and again Tony was on the freeway course as well. I later learnt they both were trying to ask me a question ie where the other was on the course. Thought I had snubbed them but when I ride I am only focused on getting back as quickly as possible .No time to stop and chat.

I made it back just before the 4 hour mark .A distance of 126.5km in 3.58 hr.Unfortunately , I lost all my date on my Garmin when I changed to run mode and did not save it .The data would have been helpful but I did get to monitor my Hr and average pace throughout the ride so it was helpful...I just do not have a record.From the bike I went on to do my run .I did 28 minutes and ran just over 5km .It was a beautiful day with the Perth Skyline as I ran along the swan river in South Perth.Saw Claudia again as she was heading back from her run.

The rest of the day I was just hanging around the house Did lunch for JJ and then fell asleep watching the finals .Needed that. As the AFL Finals ended in a draw ,the saints and Pies meet again next week and I will be on the freeway again...a bit like deja vu. Go the Saints.