Sunday, February 27, 2011

A hot week

This week Perth has been hot .The night temperature has been in the 20s and the day temperature has been above 35C .Just hot and it has been a hard recovery week .It was a full on week and after Sunday's race I decided to skip my Monday run.

On Wednesday , I swam in the morning and we did a full session . I swam 2.5km and felt good with a long main set of 1000m and 600. and 2x200m . I ran in the evening and it was hot .I had planned on getting to the Running centre at Hay street to join the slow runners but they had taken off and I never caught them .

On Thursday it was up early and a ride out to Nedlands where I did threshold efforts along Mounts bay road with the group.My legs were still fatigued and I had some difficulty keeping up with the group. I think the running in the heat has made getting back into any reasonable state quick enough very difficult. I rode home in the evening and that was a long day with 3 hours on the bike in the heat.I managed to ride over 80kms .

Friday was an easy day I skipped swimming but did 2 runs a 55 min and 40 minute run at lunch time and in the evening. I ran from East Freo to Leighton Beach at lunch time just over 8km and came back dripping in sweat. In the evening it was a lot better and I did about 7km.

Saturday was a rest day with my fatigue and the heat and in retrospect it wasthe right decision despite the importance of doing the long rides.

I did swim on Sunday and Tony, Les ,Hanna and myself did  a 2km plus swim at Cottesloe.There was lots of stingers (jellyfish with stingers) about and at the start I got one across my face .That nearly ended my swim as I struggled to get it off and then had to contend with foggy goggles.Manage to catch up with the rest at the Blue Duck Cafe and then head further on to the turn around at the steps at North Cottesloe. The return trip was just as bad with stingers along the way and I copped one on my lips.Fortunately I do not have a bad reaction to them and it just hurts.

The training cycle was to incorporate increasing volume and pace but with the heat this week I decided if I wanted to survive the next few weeks I had to listen to my body. It hard as the long training sessions are critical but with the Singapore 70.3 a few weeks away and a very hard few weeks ahead it it important to get as much rest as I can as well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Following yesterdays race , I discovered the results were different to what had been recorded in my Garmin.I had done a 14 plus swim (in your dreams ) but a slow bike and run to record a 1.28 . I then realised today that I had been given the timing chip for John Cook a triathlet in the 50-54 age group who shared my name bar the ë"at the end . He is obviously a fast swimmer. I got out of the water at 17mins.His time was 14 minutes plus.

My results if trievents change them for the record are :

Swim 00:17:28  Cycle 00:40:03 Run 00:23:32  Overall : 269 Gender : 218 Category : 12

Race time 1.21.05 A PB by 3 minutes

I got a response from tri events today:

"Hi John,

Thank you for your email. Looking into this further are the interesting observations:
1. There is a John Cook 50-54M with Race No 271
2. There is a John Cooke 45-49M with Race No 228
3. Both of these competitors started in the same wave
4. John Cook (271) swam 17:28 (including run up beach onto grass), rode 40:03 (including both transitions) and ran 23:33.
5. Could it be possible that registration accidentally swapped your timing chips around?
6. Both competitors (the bib number and the chip number) show genuine chip reads across all timing systems and palm backup at the finish correlate with the bibs.
What I suspect has happened is you were allocated bib/chip 228 but picked up 271?

Monday 21 February was an easy day with just a swim and I skipped the run .My legs had been through a hard week.
Swim training was a easy 2.3km with a 200m warmup and 100m free with PB , 700m with a 100 free and 200medley  and then 2x 100 fast and 2x 100 firm and cooldown of 200m .

Tuesday .We had a circuit at Nedlands with 5 minute plus going as hard as we could .I got dropped within the first lap as my legs just could not sustain the pace. I rode to run training in the evening and we did a fairly easy session.On the strength of my run on Sunday Iam now up a notch in pace for the run sessions with Brad on Tuesday.

Last week was an awesome week of training.
I did :

Bike : 290km or 10hours
run : 4.55 or 45km
swim : 9km or 3.30

total :18.5 hrs

My longest training week so far .

 This week is another long week again . Those doing IMNZ are tapering and wished Jason Nutman all the best .Real chance of a spot in his age group .

Sadly heard today about the earthquake in Christchurch and the horror of the death and destruction . In such times all else is insignificant and life so very precious.

keep safe.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love My Bike

Busselton Half 2010 with my bike
 Pic by David Tan

Valentines Day is over but Tony sent me this You Tube clip from bristish cycling videos titled love your bike.
Love your bike

Hillary's Triathlon 20 February 2011

After yesterday long ride it was a test to back it up with a race on Sunday Morning .My first for the year which is a surprise  as I usually do a few during the season.But training has taken a priority over the short races. Finished in 1. hr20 mins .37 secs .But Trievemts had me at a time of 1.28 with a 3 minute faster swim . I know that is wrong as one of the guys who came in after me did a 1.23 . Sent them an email as they must have a glitch that may affect others. My results wont change the standings much.

It turned out to be a nice cool day with a no wetsuit swim .Took the dilemma of deciding whether to wear a wet suit out of the equation . I was a little stiff from the ride but otherwise fine.

The race itself was great fun . I manage to draft of someone and did not push too hard and just sat on his feet but he did go off course and so I had to make my way back without anyone to draft off. I got to the beach in 16.50 according to my Garmin and probably crossed the timing mat 40 secs later.

The bike leg was 3 laps on a km plus course with two short climbs. It was windy but enjoyable the only hard bit for me was the short climb my legs were pretty much cooked so I had to spin slowly up and try to make up time on the downhill and flats.I did a 37.25 on the bike course with some time in transition included as I did not press the Transition button on the Garmin till I was running out . So I was happy with the bike time given my legs.

The run was also pretty much as expected . I managed to run at about a 4.39 pace and did the 5km run in 23.35 mins which was a min faster than last year .

Happy with that given the weeks training and  I am on track training wise.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Hard Ride

Saturday 19 February ,like any other Saturday presently is my long ride day. I spend each Friday evening trying to work out where  I am going to ride.

The day before , training is lighter .I had my swim in the morning .my legs were heavy from the previous day and I did most of the session in fins and a light easy run in the evening.  I did get back pretty late and had to get my food and drink ready for the early start.

It wasn't too early a start as I eventually left the house at 6am .Made my way down to Subiaco and I wanted to join the CRT ride but there was no one familiar there so I pushed off on my own. At Cottesloe I got overtaken by Riderchoice riders and just stayed with them .Managed to do my efforts of 2 x 20km with them for the most part.

At Mount Henry Bridge I left them and headed for the freeway cycle path to Roe Highway.I then headed to Whelshpool Road for the hills .

WhelshpoolRoad heading to Kalamunda
Picture from Main Roads WA

It was hot and a little windy .I struggled up Welshpool Road with the fatigue in my legs setting in after the hard week. I got to the BP Station and had a coke and bottle of water .The continues to the end of the road and rode to Kalamunda.I then rode towards Mundaring and  had the downhill and climbs along Mundaring Weir road to contend . Mundaring Weir Dam

It was hot and I went thru 5 to 6 bidons .At Mundaring I had a pit stop at Dome cafe and had a Lemon slushy .

Food intake was:

gatorade  50 g carbohydrate
dates  25 g carbohydrates
coke 25g
slushy 25g
gels 120g

total  245g
water approx 4.5l

I probably did not have enough but it was just hard to eat much in the heat so I will have to keep trying.

The road from Kalamunda to Home is a familiar one as I use to ride thru on Sunday with Tim in 2008 and 2009 .From Mundaring it was a quick road to Darlington and Helena Valley and then onto Guildford.I got home after a quick stop at my Parents place at about 11.45am it was a slow 147 km over 5.5 hours.

The legs were not feeling too bad. just tired.I skipped my short run as I am racing tomorrow. That should be fun .


Run: 4.20 or approx 40km
Bike: 10.5 hrs or approx 175km
swim : 3.15 hrs  or 8.2km

Total: 17.5 hrs

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Hard Yards

The build up towards Lanzarote is starting.

This is the first of a month of solid sessions. On Monday I only had my swim session as I did my run on Sunday evening.

 I swam in the evening and did 1.20 with a 3.1km set comprising :

1000m warm up .
100m free 50 back , 100m free , 50 breast and then 400m drills with 50m catchup and 50m free.

Followed by the main set of 300m firm , 100m easy , 300m medium , 100m easy and  200m and 2 x100m fast and a 200m cool down .All up did 3.1km

It was a good session and there was only 3 of us in lane 1 so there was lots of space.It was a hot day so it was nice to be in the water.

Tuesday was the hard session with the 1hour hard at Nedlands. I got into the last group of about 6 of us .Got to the turnaround and  Rob P suggested we just ride at 30sec intervals and we broke away from the rest. maintained that pace till the end of the hour. Did a 1.40 session and felt quite tired but good. I managed to keep up the pace and my computer had an average of 34kph with the ride out to Nedlands.

In the evening it was run training at Perry Lakes. I ran about 9km with a warm up and cool down and 8x 2min at threshold which was a 1.54 per 400m pace or 4.48minute per km. It was about the right pace for me . I was going a little faster but felt comfortable. Then did a further 2 x 1minute at threshold. It was a long day.

I got up in the morning for swim training .It had been more than a week since I did a morning swim session.

I did a 1000m warm up with some drills and then the main set was 1 x 10000m build to firm , 1 x 600m firm and 2 x 200m fast and cool down of 200m .a total of 3.2km .It was a hard session and I managed to keep the pace fairly constant.

Thursday's session started pretty early for me I left home lat at 5.30am and got to Nedlands after 6am .The rest of the group had started their brick run/ride session.I just dived into the session and managed to ride with the group as they finished their first loop.After two loops of about 10km i did my second run and then another loop before heading back to the city. The rest had left a half hour earlier.

In the afternoon I ran 9km and it was pretty warm at least 33-35 C . After work I rode home and the legs were definitely tired. It was a long training day .I had done about 3.5 hrs of training

On Friday it was in the pool at 6am and there was a huge que at the entrance with two groups of swimmers training at 6am. Got in and did the warm up of 500m with my fins and then drills for 300m and another 200 m with 25 underwater and 25 free but I lasted 10 meters at best My capacity to stay underwater is pretty bad. Then did a 100m free and follwoed by the main set of 10 x 100m at maximum under 2min intervals with a 5sec rest. I was in fins so it was  easier. Did the cooldown with 100m kickboard and finished with 2.3km

Legs were ok but I was a little tired after the previous days training.

In the evening I did a slow run from the office thru Kings Park and Subiaco and then back. Did about 7.5km really slow.

Tomorrow is the big ride.

Monday, February 14, 2011

End of the easy Week

Sunday is my usual rest day but I do try and swim with my friends at Cottesloe .I had not been swimming with them for a few weeks and so it was nice to get out again.

It was a great Perth summer's day. The temperature was in the low 20s and it it did get up to 27C today.

Got down to Tony's place at 6.50 and we then went to Cott. We had decided to swim without wetsuits and because of the large number of jellyfish around we ran to the end of the beach approximately 2.2 km and swam back.When we got into the water I was immediately in the middle of the stingers and got quite a few stingers .Thankfully there were no other large groups of stingers. Swam back comfortably and I was the 2nd  swimmer back after Keith. Felt good and managed to focus on my stroke. Keith was several minutes ahead though.

The swim and run took us about an hour.

In the evening I did my Monday run of 1.15 with 2 x 10minutes at threshold. it was nice and hot and managed a 1.11 run and just under 13km altogether.It was a bit slower but I tried to keep the HR down.
Ran the thresholds at above 150 HR.

Finally , a short piece on mental preparation for any sport: that I read recently:

The Five Tools of Mental Strength, A.K.A. Balls

by Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski – 2/09/2011
Mental strength

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easy Weekend

My easy week has come to an end .I skipped Thursdays ride as I as still sore from my Tuesday run and just need ed as much sleep as I could get . But I did do my easy run and swim on Friday.

It was a reasonably cool day.I ran from Fremantle to Cottesloe and back at a leisurely pace (6min per km).

On Friday evening I did my swim session It was pretty quiet . I had a 500m warm up and then did 200m free 50 breast and 50m back and then 100m followed by drills for 400m .Then the main set was 200m medium, 200m fast, 100m easy, 100m medium and 100m fast and then 100 easy and then 50 x2 fast followed by a 100m time trial which I did at 1.44 a new PB .

Saturday , I had an easy ride and started late at 7am .Rode to Fremantle and then round the river to Shelley and then back to the City via Curtin University and home through Bayswater. Did approximately 90km just on water . The wind was gusting but it wasn't too bad overall.

In the afternoon I went down to Northbridge to watch the criterium races. It was short and sharp.I missed the crashes and it was pretty hot by then .

Michael Kent in the lead before his chain came off

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It has been pretty warm lately and this week has been an easy week.I did an easy run on Monday for 50 minutes at lunch time and then swam in the evening on my own.Just did a 400m warm up and 3 x 600m sets and a 100 cool down for a total of 2.3km

On Tuesday it was riding in Nedlands.It was a 15 min at threshold x 2 and the rest was cruising i did approximately 1.45 of riding and I was feeling a little sore at the end and still recovering from my Saturday ride. In the evening it was run training with Brad .Something different.we ran to Reabold Hill and then did 6 x 1min at Maximum threshold pace we could hold .It was hard going by number 3. the group then ran back and did a 10minute at threshold pace round the Perry Lakes Stadium. My pace was 5.19 but i was doing a sub5 minute pace comfortably .

I was feeling pretty sore the next day so I did my swim session in the evening and I ran before the swim for just under was a slow 6.20pace but it was pretty hot at 5pm.

The swim session was OK .I did a 400 warm up and 300 drills and then did 200medium, 50m fast x 5 followed by a 200m cool down and then 100free, 25kick hard ,25m kick easy x 2 .Did 2.4km .Legs were really sore.

Thursday was suppose to be a ride round the river but I gave it a miss.I was just too sore .

I found this interesting piece on Joe Friel's blog on Pacing.Well worth a read :

"Here I go again. Yet another post on pacing


Pacing by Joe Friel "

And Joe Friels take on endurance training and relationships:
Men, Marriage, Money - and Sport by joe Frie l"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hills & Wind

Discipline your body, Grasshopper, that you may find a greater power. . . . Those who surrender themselves find inner strength...When the heart knows no danger, no danger exists. When the soul becomes the warrior all fear melts as the snowflake that falls upon your hand." - Master Po

"'How does one find the strength within himself?' - Caine

'By being one with all that is without himself.'" - Master Po

From the TV series Kung Fu

Kung Fu - Intro Theme Song

Saturday.Always a hard day at the office. Today was just a tad harder.I did the hills and there was a bit of wind. I can't help thinking of the old TV series Kung Fu which i loved as a child .All those quirky sayings from the Master to his pupil .

I need to master the hills and the wind , then only will I learn to love the hills and treat the wind as my friend. Well it was pretty hard to do today . I will have to summon that inner strength and surrender to my fears .

I am glad despite the initial difficulty getting out of bed at 5am , that i did ride today.I got to experience some real gusty winds at times especially coming down some hills in Mundaring and Welshpool Road. There was little cycling traffic on the way out to Stoneville but in Mundaring i saw quite a few groups and 2 cyclist passed me and I tried to keep up with them on the ride up to Kalamunda.

My legs were pretty sore from the weeks training so I wasn't feeling the best.I just focussed on getting through the 120km ride. I did manage to pick up speed on the flats especially with the tailwind.but on the return trip down the Reid Hwy it was hard work.

I had a reasonably good training week despite the workload and schedule.Friday morning I hauled myself out of bed ...I have not been sleeping enough .Note to myself ...SLEEP MORE.

Got down just before 6am and started the session.It was;

600m warm up
50 free & 50m @ 8beat kick(that hurt) x 4
main set was ;
200m free, 100 medley and 100m fast
200m free , 100m medley and 2 x 50m fast
100 free ,100 medley and 4 x 50
cool down was a 100m fast time trial and 200m cool down
total 2.5km

I was pretty slow but kept with the back group in lane one which was fine .I managed a 1minute 50 sec pace for the 100m and that was at the end of the main set so I was pleased with that.

I had breakfast with Rod and James ,Alastair ,Meredith , Jay and Ross came later.

Then it was off to Dwellingup to see a client and coming back was tiring and I was dozing off at the wheel which was pretty scary . I definitely need to sleep more.

I did my run in the evening for just a 1/2 hour as I was getting stomach pains .

Overall, I have for the week done :

Bike: 8.5hrs or 230km
run: : 5.15 or 54 km
swim: 7.8km or 3 hrs

total: 16.65hrs

Friday, February 4, 2011

A workout ate my Marriage

I recently saw on my facebook a piece posted by one of my Facebook friends ,richard.It was an article on WSJ titled


This was a piece written in the WSJ following from another article by a Triathlon Coach titled Divorce by Triathlon .

Is it really such a rising tide of divorce amongs triathletes.I don't see the evidence and whilst I have had my share of differences and resentment from my wife ,it has been a constant attempt to find a balance.It is hard putting in 15-20 hours a week and then working and then spending time with the family.But those are the choices we make. I try my best to meet all the commitments.It is hard and I sometimes ask my self why I put mmyself through this but there is an inner drive to want to push that envelope of improvement and the enjoyment .Is it selfish? Yes at times it can and is a selfish pursuit in an endurance sport.For many triathletes it isn't . If the relationship is honest and open , then balancing training and spending time together as a family is not hard.

Iam fortunate and lucky.My wife does not love the sport but she tolerates my involvement.I get to travel a few weeks a year to race and still spend holidays with the whole family. I try and work round my schedule and training to spend time with my kids and I have a rest day each week .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Easy Explained

I saw this piece on the beyond transition website by Emma Bishop explaining easy in a triathlon programme.
Easy explained by Coaches of Ironman Champions 29 Jan, 2011 - Triathlon Races
by Emma.Bishop

Beyond Transition: EASY EXPLAINED

Swim training on Monday was enjoyable for a change.I didn't feel too tired ...partly because I had done my run training on Sunday and had rested legs.Started of with a 300m warm up comprising 200m free and 50back and 50 breast.i did an extra 100 m free.
The main set was ;
300,200,100,200,300,200,100,and 200 for a total of 1600 with the 200 s with Pull buoy .I managed to keep up and wasn't last because  most of the swimmers were tired from the triathlon yesterday.
I had a fair bit of sunburn on my neck and shoulders so everything was hurting today.

I had a chat with Rosco about my rather slow week and the mental breakdown .He thought it was a good thing to just have a short break and missing a few rides won't make a difference. At least I feel much better for it mentally.
I had a long chat with Rusty Cook (no relation) about Lanzarote and he will be sending over the bike course with commentary. he doesn't think the gradient on the bike course is an issue and the main factor is the wind .It can be pretty hairy .

Tuesday , got up for the bike TT at Nedlands .Did a 20km TT in 34.23 .not sure if it is a PB .There was a bit of wind , sprinklers, some short hills and traffic. But it was all good. happy with my effort .in the evening I rode from Subiaco where I left my car , to Perry lakes for the run session with Brad.

I did an interval session running a warm up and then 400m, 800m and 1000 and then a 100 , 800 and 400 at 2.08 per 400m pace.i went faster and had the same time breaks between each run.Felt really good and enjoyed the really nice track .

Wednesday .the mid-point in the week and usually I begin to flag.With work , less sleep and just plain tired from all the rushing around.I am glad to report it wasn't too bad although I do need to sleep more.I managed to get up at 5.30 although I woke up at 4.30 and went back to bed. Got to the pool at5.50am and Cara had the following swim set:

warm-up: 100m free and 100m medley x 2 = 400m
main set:   600m and 100m PB x 3 =             2100m
cooldown : 50 free and 25m  backstroke x 4= 300m
I did an extra 100m free and that made a total of 2900m

I felt pretty good for the whole main set and kept up at the tail of the main group so that felt especially good. It did get harder towards the end especially as we were building to a fast pace at the end.

In the afternoon I did a slow 50min run in king's Park.

Thursday was a ride and run day. I had a rather long day and finished work at 8pm so had little time for any rest and it was up the next day early and out the door just after 5am.Rode down to nedlands and Ross came up and rode with me along Thomas Road.We were all doing a Brick session... called a Brick session because it is hard.

Rode down to Mosman where we did a run round an oval and then to the Mosmam gold course and ran one of the fairways and then to the base of a hill for a  run up the hill and back before a dash to the top on our bikes. I was last but it was a good session.

I did approximately 63 km on the bike today with the bonus of a few kms of running.

The legs were a little tired. We regrouped and rode back into the city and had coffee at Zekkas

Zekka Cafe @ Kings Street

the Exceed group with Coach Ross at the head of the table