Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 14 Last Build 3-9 April 2017

View of Perth from King's Park at the end of the Sunday run

View from the top of Kokoda Trail where most of the elevation is gained

There is now less then 7 weeks to Ultra Trail Australia 100. Last 4 weeks of training before tapering for the race.

In running and looking at elevation what has been missing this year is huge mileage and hours . It has been a consistent 7-8 hours of running plus cross fit and cycling . There have been no injuries and the only issue is whether for a stronger finish I need to be running 7-8 hours .This race will tell ?

This week

Easy 10km run today after the 5 hour run the day before. Just flat easy running/. I did 11km .
Tuesday and Wednesday I did  not train .

Thursday I did a 70 min run with 8 repeats of Kokoda for 480m of elevation and about 7 km run. Then a windtrainer session on Zwift.

Friday a short 40 minutes running along the river for 5.5 km .
Saturday did the CRT ride as usual but rode to Raffles and turned around for a 55km ride rather than 75km ride .

Start of Sunday's run 9 April 2017

Trinity College
cycle path along East Perth

Perth's New stadium about to be completed

Windam Bridge

Path along the swam at Langley Park

Elizabeth Quay

Mount Street


Sunday a big run at Kings Park .We ran for 5hours with a loop round to the Swan and then back to Kings Park where I did 12 repeats of Kokoda and 9 repeats of Mounts Street for a total elevation of 1100 plus the elevation through the run possibly another 100m for 1200 and total distance of  28km.

This week little elevation other than the long run and mileage of 50kms.Pretty low mileage compared to last year but a lot more elevation and hopefully that will be the difference to a stronger finish .

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 13 An easy week to recover

A twilight walk  in the Park

Watching the Barkley Marathon which was on this week the toughest ultra in the world Only One finisher this year

Week 13 was an easy week and I need some of these weeks.

I had an easy 8km run on Monday . Tuesday and Wednesday I had off with work and so on Thursday I had a wintrainer session on Zwift with 45 minutes and 18 minutes at effort and the rest in recovery  then ran 5km off the bike

Friday an hour at Jacobs just doing the stairs for 3km and 480m of elevation .

Saturday rode with CRT and the group started with 12 riders but at 45km we had only 7 and at Shelley I time trialed the 6km loop on my own and then rode the rest of the way in front and went a little too hard at the end. The legs were tired. In the afternoon did a 35minute cross fit session with work outs on the arms .

Sunday we ran a short 2 hours instead of the planned 3 as everyone was feeling jaded . managed 1km and about 300m only of elevation. The legs felt tired after the ride and run . Time for the final build session of 3 weeks before we start to taper.

Total for the week an easy  31kms and only 700m of elevation

I did get to watch the Barkley marathon documentary and follow the race which was on the following week . It is the hardest ultra race in the world in so far as the terrain and the fact there is no trail so your compass and map reading skills need to be good . The real purpose in this race and many others at least in the eyes of the organizer Lazarus is simply to challenge yourself .

The fact that only 15 people have finished the race so far with a few double finishers in its 31 year history is not the issue . You come out of the race better for having tested your limits ,  not necessarily finishing.As in life where you don't really have a choice , you just have to tackle it head on . With all races there is choice but the skills and insights about yourself  that come from tackling any ultra or endurance sport is an experience that will make one all the better for it.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 12 Past the mid point

Sunday evening at the river with Molly


A tough week in terms of elevation.

Monday was an easy 10km which I did with 7km followed by a 4 km run in the evening with Molly allowing her to just run freely where she like . She managed to find 3 houses with cats and took me through several laneways .

Tuesday , I had a rest day .

Wednesday I ran in the evening with 8 repeats of Kokoda Track to get an elevation of 480m and then a run to make up the hour managing only 5km

Thursday .Cross fit did snatch squats and squat cleans for 40 minutes .

Friday 1 hour at Mount Street with 10 repeats and 400m

Saturday .A ride with CRT and a great day but turned back at Raffles for a shorter ride and just 55km to allow the legs a rest for the long Sunday session .

Sunday .Just Kokoda repeats 33 right to the top of the hill and that took 4 hours with 15minutes running initially in the rain but the rain cleared and the rest of the time till about 4 hours was spent on the Kokoda trail just grinding up .We did 2280 m and I covered 15.5km.

Total elevation for the week 3000 plus with just 35 kms 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 11 March 13- 19 When the going gets tough ....

Chasing Ducks


The Mid point of training has just passed on 10 March 2017 and it is now the back end of training with a solid 8 weeks before a slow taper before the Ultra Trail Australia 100 in the Blue Mountains

A good solid week of training with a 15km run off the back of the Sunday long run . I split my run with an 8km run in the morning and a 7 km run in the evening with the last 2kms with Molly aka Irondog just to get her running a bit more.

The legs pulled up pretty well..

On Tuesday another wind trainer session with 45 minutes on Zwift with 12 x 30 secs at 380 watts along the way and 2 minutes plus of recovery between.

Wednesday  Just aiming for 3 minutes up Mount Street and easy jog down managed 11 repeats and just 6.5km with 440m elevation .

Thursday Cross fit session  as in the photo.

Friday Another hills session at Jacobs Ladder and Mount Street with 6 repeats of Jacobs and 6 repeats of Mount Street with about 500m of elevation and 4km

Saturday a wet bike ride with CRT , a shortened ride of 60km

Sunday a 5hr run with 1200 m of elevation and managed 26kms just doing lots of Kokoda repeats and DNA and Mount Street and running around Kings Park .

Comparably small volume of running  this week compared to last year with 51 kms and about 2300m of elevation.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 10 Are we there yet

 Keep On Running 
Steve Winwood and the Spencer Davis Group

More of Mount Street


After the five hour run on Sunday , I am thankful for the Labour Day Monday Holiday and late start.I ran at Reabolt hill doing an easy 8km run it was supposed to be 10km with 600m of elevation but just managed about 300 m.The legs felt tired but mentally I was tired

Tuesday , an easy day with an evening wind trainer session on Zwift riding 20km with 1 minute efforts at over 200 watts.

Wednesday , back at Mount street running 2 minutes up  and easy down for 60 minutes .I managed 13 repeats of Mount street (nearly to the top) for about400m of elevation I would expect and then coffee at the Mount Street Breakfast Bar .

Thursday Crossfit in the evening with 100 squats , 15 toes to bar , 30 GHD , 100 crunches , 70 hollow rocks  , then followed by 1 to 8 repeats of clean and jerks and snatches for a total of 36 repeats of each exercise .

Friday Stairs with the run pack and did 10 repeats of Jacobs Ladder and then coffee at Mount Street. Total distance was just 3km and 450m .Ran a slow 4km in the evening as well .

Saturday had a rest day as my daughter was graduating and so missed the CRT ride.

Sunday .Long run at Kings Park at 5.30am covering 4.5 hours . I ran and walked for 4hr 20 mins and managed 22.5km with 1250m of elevation including 12 repeats of the Kokoda Trail at 71meters and then 10 repeats of Mount street at 40m . The weather was nice and cool and so found it a lot more comfortable than last week.

This week slightly less running with about 43km and 2400m of elevation .

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 9

Its getting really hot in Perth and I still weigh 75 kgs although the weight fluctuates depending on when I weigh myself . But I have started to lose some fat and feel stronger . The amount of walking up hills and steps is a  lot more than last year.

I am running a lot slower as well


started with a slow 10km run which I took 78 mins to do so it was really slow.Irondog ran for 3kms with me.

Tuesday I missed cross fit but rode on the wind trainer doing a 15km ride on Zwift .

Wednesday it was back in Kings park running along Forrest and down to Stirling Hwy for as many repeats of a 2km  hill run I could get . Managed 10.5km in 80 mins .


Back to Cross fit with a hard session of various exercises over 40 minutes with 5 medicine ball squats after each exercise which included cleans , push press, snatches  ,crunches etc .

Morning start at Jacobs ladder with 30 minutes of climbing then 10 minutes of hills ( mount street ) and repeated that for about 4.2km in 70 minutes only. Saturday back with the CRT ride around the river .It was a hot day at 39C and a fast ride with 75 kms . Managed to sneak in the sprint finish at the end of the Stirling Highway section before heading back to Subiaco for coffee.

In the afternoon  crossfit did a 30 minutes session of 75 squats followed by 25 clean and jerks and bur pees and then 25 crunches followed by 20 of the same, 15, 10 and 5 before finishing with 75 squats.

On Sunday , longest run so far .I did a 4.50 mins run with the first 3 hours we ran along the river from Kings Park and back before I did 9 repeats of Kokoda and a few short runs along the paths in Kings Park for a total of 28kms and about 700 to 800 m of elevation and it was really hot at the end .Started at 5.30am and finished at 10.30am.

The weeks are progressing with about 50km in running (low by last years standards ) but with a lot more elevation .This week I hit about 1600m of elevation. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

UltraTrail Australia Week 5-8

Somebody Told Me -The Killers

A Walk in the Park

Sunday's run
Kings Park Every Sunday

The amount of vertical elevation is getting harder and it has been getting hotter.

The second month of training started to ramp up with still low mileage but more elevation .A different approach to last year's trainning. I have also not ben religious on the diet and have lost a little weight more notably around the waist but at 75kgs I am fairly stable but needing to get closer to 70 kg .

Week4 Jan 30th to 5 Feb

Matilda Bay run

Slow start with a 7.5km easy run .Just tired from Sunday .Was suppose to be a 12lm easy run .


Crossfit session


Hills run and ran from the office to Kings Park where I ran along the bike path ,Malcolm street  and Mount street  all with gradients varying between 5 to 8% and managed just 9km in 80 minutes of running in the heat .


skipped crossfit

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder with 10 minute warm up then with the running pack did 30 minutes of stairs and 10 minutes running flat before returning and doing another 30 minutes . Managed 10 repeats of Jacobs Ladder which is 240 steps or 45 metres .Distance a miserly 4.5km


I was supposed to ride but slept in


Long run with 3.5 hours at Kings Park starting at 6.30am and we did a run for the first hour then repeats of Kokoda and Mount Street getting to about 1200m of elevation although the Garmin says 975m.Distance run 18.5kms only .

Week2  Feb 6 to 12

Pretty much the same with 15 km easy on Monday which I did along the river in the evening.
Then on Wednesday did the same hill repeats but in Kings Park running along May Drive for 11km on a gentler gradient and 200m of elevation .Friday Jacobs ladder again with about 5kmsof running on stairs and nearly 500m of elevation

Sunday 3.5 hours with only 15.5kms but managed 1200m of elevation and lots of repeats on Kokoda

Week 3 Feb13 to 19

Same routine as week 2 and on Sunday was a 4 hour session with 1400 m of elevation and only managed 16kms again with lots of Kokoda trail repeats and some at the DNA tower . I started late and ran by myself for the first hour .

Week 4 Feb 20 to 26

Monday was an easy 16 km run which I did in 2 hours slow. Wednesday hills with 80 or 4 x 20 mins with a rest between and 11km with 200m of elevation .Friday the stairs with 5 km and just 75 minutes with a break along the way.Did Jacobs for the first 30 mins and then ran Mount street for 40 minutes or really hiked up the hill for a distance of 5kms only and 500m of elevation.Saturday started riding again with CRT and did a 75km ride and managed to hang in with group 5 .Then in the afternoon a cross fit session at BorisFit.Sunday the long run but not so long this week with a 2 hour run at Reabolt and coffee at Georges after the run.

The first break in the programme with elevation being the key. I managed about 1500 to 2000m of elevation each week in the past few weeks .  It hopefully gets better because it doesn't get easier.