Monday, September 20, 2010

The Fun Begins

The training gets a little harder but the hours are the same. I have a full days rest on Saturday after my ride and sleep in on Sunday .Aside from some work and spending the day with JJ at the Park I did very little.I then do my long run on Sunday evening rather than rushing it on Monday . It was a 1.45 run and I did a run from home with a few short climbs along the way .I try and watch my heart rate and I had to do 45 mins at medium effort , whatever that means.

I got to 6km into the run and then did a 45 min effort at medium pace but most of the run felt the same. I ran to Mt Lawley and then did a turn around and ran back on the same course. Not alot of people about and it was quite warm in the beginning.It was a beautiful day and was a great spring day.Earlier I was at Kings Park and it was warm and crowded as Jonathan ran around and got hot.I did give him too much sweets and fizzy drinks so he had the energy to use up.I got told off by my wife for not being the adult especially as he has 3k worth of dental work despite his teeth still being mainly baby teeth.The joys of parenthood , it is easier to give them what they want and let the other half deal with it.

I finished up running just over 18km .I felt good and I hadn't gone out hard .I just have to keep getting the kms in and watching my weight. Got new runners today as well .Back to Gel Kayanos and they feel lots better as my shoes  have little support left so I can feel the difference now.

I had a really good nights rest and didn't have to do any training on Monday morning which is always a difficult day for me .I did my swim at Beatty Park in the evening.It was a late start at close to 6pm and finished up doing 2.9km .Jamie,Michael and Tineke were 2 lanes down doing the same set.It was pretty crowded and had to swim past lots of breaststrokers and slow swimmers in my lane so it was hard going.

Monday 20th September
Warm up
500m freestyle with pull bouy easy
50m 6kick 1 stroke catchup on front 50m breastroke X 3 10 secs rest
All at threshold or firm and all freestyle
300m 30 sec 250m 30 secs 200m 20 secs 150m 1 mins rest X 2
Cool down
With pull bouy 25 kick 50 freestyle X 4

I felt comfortable finishing the set so Iam not sure if I actually put in the required effort . I do feel the water a lot more even if I am not moving faster in the water . I certainly have the same stroke count per 50 metre.