Sunday, September 12, 2010

Riding with the Girls

I was going to ride with the CRT / Exceed Group but got an email from Michelle on Friday that she was riding with Jasmin and if I wanted to come along. As we were all doing Busso it was probably the more suitable ride, especially as Michelle's programme is about the same as mine .

The ride was also more accurate and true to my programme than a hard short paced CRT ride around the river.

I rode down from home to the Narrows and got there early as I was passed by a cyclist at 5.45am and I hung onto his wheel and then rode through the city ( my usual ride to work) then onto the narrows bridge . Met up with Michelle and Jas.Both excellent and fast triathletes so it was enjoyable to ride with them.  We rode down to Mt Henry Bridge and then onto the freeway cycle path before  , a new detour for me , we turned off onto the cycle path going down Roe Hwy and rode for an hour down the cycle path before turning back to the freeway cycle path and a short ride up the path and then  turning round and heading back to make the 3 hour ride.

I rode behind the girls throughout and it was enjoyable .Jas is recovering from injuries and so the ride was not taxing. Both of them managed to keep up a constant conversation for the whole ride. I was feeling tired in the legs towards the end but I think it was more my lack of eating .It did improve after I took a gel and some lollies. I was feeling sick in the morning as I took a salt tablet and I hadn't had anything to eat prior to leaving the house .That was a little dumb. But I felt fine after getting in some water and a few sweets.

After the narrows , I rode with Jasmin back through Bayswater where she turned off at railway parade and I headed home. We had a chat about all things tri and her recent race at Yempoon which didn't go well. She is thinking of racing Lanzarote or China as well. I had clocked 4 hours and 120km and that took my total mileage for the week to 210km . Which was the first time time in a while that I had clocked above 200km . I had also run more than 4 hours this week.

Total mileage
Run :4 hrs
cycle ; 8.20
swim: 3 hrs

total: 15 hrs

Not too bad for an easy week .

the hard part starts next week as the sessions get harder.