Sunday, August 29, 2010

City to Surf 2010

The week began well .I ran a 1.5hr easy run on Monday evening at a comfortable pace and did about 15.5 km .It was slow but I was always comfortable.I did try to catch a few runners towards the end and I had my garmin which was showing my pace every km which is a good thing in one sense. I did feel slow with the weight I was carrying .

Tuesday morning I was a little tired but got to Nedlands and there is now a much larger group of riders .I got into my froup of 5 and I just hung on for the whole 1 hour session .I managed to take my turn a few times but just could not keep up with jamie and James who were really pushing the group .i ended up with an average just under 33kph including my slow ride to was a hard session.

On wednesday I manages a run in the afternoon and did my morning swim.I managed a 3km set for the first time .It was pretty nice in the pool with the heater fixed. I did a 800m warm up and then we did a 1000m followed by a 500m and then 200 and then 2 x 150m set and then a cool down of 200m.

Unfortunately on Thursday i rode to work and then home but did not wear anything warm in the morning.It was very cold with the wind and by friday I had a sore throat and just feeling unwell.By Saturday morning I had a cold and  I was just having all the symptoms of flu.A runny nose and feeling cold and shivering etc. Had to miss my long ride which was important . But I knew I had to rest for the run on sunday.

By Sunday I was feeling better although still had the runny nose and a slight cough .

The City to surf half marathon started at 9am .I got to tony's house and then we took the train in and walked to the assembly area.I was feeling weak but knew I could manage to finish the just wasn't going to be a PB. The weather was great and the course was a little hilly. I managed a consistent pace between 5.30 and 6 min a km. I did it in 1.54.15 .Not a PB and just a little faster than my Busselton Half time . But Iwas happy with the time in the circumstances and felt better having run the race .It has been a bad winter for me with the number of times I have picked the flu. possibly the amount of work and training and the fact i did not get my flu jab this year has probably taken its toll.

The legs held up well and finished the last km in about 4.30. I have finally sorted out my Garmin as well and hopefully I will have no further technical glitches . i will start to post some of the data up.