Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 3 Ironman Training

Week 3 .Still base building and keeping to a steady build .

Monday : My only real rest day with just a swim in the evening .Did 2500m with 60 x 25 m at various levels . Just trying to focus on a few small techniques but ultimately the body positioning in the water and my legs are the main issues .

Tuesday. I got to the start of the Exceed ride round the river with Shelley and this time managed to stay with some in the group. Even caught Ross at Mt Henry and rode back to the city . A hard ride on the big chain ring but kept grinding away.61kms in just over 2 hours .

In the evening I did the cross fit session.

Wednesday I ran at lunch time for 45 mins with a 10mins of moderate and 10 minutes hard .Did about 7.5kms .In the evening swam at Terry Tyzacks , 2kms just a straight swim.

Thursday I did a wind trainer session for 60 minutes using the Road Trainer plans . One of the harder sessions of the week .On Friday an easy 50 minute run and in the evening a 2km swim.

Saturday ,I rode alone heading to Hillary's and then back through the city and home .68kms .Then ran 5kms off the bike with Molly. In the afternoon a 45m cross fit work out with:
50 squats
then 20 snatch squats 25 KB x 12kg
15 squat snatch and KBs with 12kg
10 squat snatch and KB 16kg
10 squat snatch and KB 16kg
5 squat snatch and KB 16kg

10 bur-pees and cool down

On Sunday I was going to ride Ewen Street but decided to run and swim . Ran at Pinnaroo for 75 mins with a lot of sand trails and 9.5kms followed by a short 1km swim with some tuition.

Total :
About 14.5 hours
Bike: 6 hours or 160km
Run: 3.25 or 29km
swim: 7.5km or 3.5hrs
cross fit: 1.75

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 2 Ironman Training

Queens Birthday Public Holiday run at Bells Rapid with Molly and Borisfit crew
The 2nd Week of training was much the same as the first .I have improvised a lot of my training plans and I don't sweat too much on the fact nothing always comes together perfectly.

Monday was a public holiday so I ran instead of swimming . It was a 60 minute run at Bells Rapids with lots of hilly trails and Molly had an absolute ball with the cold wet weather and the Swan River to jump in.

Tuesday . I skipped the ride around the river because of the weather forecast and so did a Windtrainer session for 75 minutes with 6 x 4 minutes at over 100% FTP . It was always hard on the windtrainer and real had a good work out . Missed Cross fit .

Wednesday . A short run session with 4 x 1km at threshold , the fastest was at 4.30 min/km pace and then 4 x 500m at threshold pace as well . Ran about 8.5km. I swam in the evening with a  400 warm up ,400 with paddles ,40 x 25m with 1 hard 3 easy and 2 hard 2 easy and then 200 cool down all in 25 m pool which was  warm.

Thursday another ergo session on the Road Trainer programme called Petite averaged 140watts for the hour.
I did my own gym session with :
5 x 10 bench press 35kgs
      20 sit ups
      20 arm rows
      20 triceps
      1min planks

Friday: An easy 50 minute run at midday and in the evening swam for 2.5km straight with a Pull Buoy.

Saturday .I did a 135 minutes on the wind trainer with a Road trainer program and that was pretty hard with the legs feeling pretty tired . I ran off the bike with Molly and she ended up in the drainage canals .In the afternoon it was cross fit with snatches , cleans and sumo high pulls .

After Saturday's run of the bike

 Sunday: I rode to Ewen Street and then did 4 hill repeats . The legs were pretty tired by now but managed to get the ride done in the Big Chain Ring . Coffee and then Nimal dropped me off at Cedric Street where I rode home finishing the week with 42kms .

Did not swim or run on Sunday .

Bike: 6.5hrs or approx 175kms
Run: 3.15 or 28kms
Swim: 2hrs or 4.5kms
Cross fit: 1.15
Total: 13 hours

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 1 Ironman Training Begins

Starting the journey Zamia Trails with Molly

The 2 weeks of recovery after UTA 100 is over and Ironman Hawaii training begins with the start of winter .

I have decided to write my own programme and there isn't much that can change with a fairly typical Ironman programme and with a few basic rules I hope I can follow . Mainly don't overdo the training and focus on the basics , a little more speed work and back to swimming . How difficult can it be ...not very accept that it is a long 4 months and the weather and motivation will be the main issues .Before the start of training properly I did venture to the Hilary's Marina for a swim on Saturday. It was a very short and very cold swim without a wet suit.Unfortunately since then I have not swum in the ocean with 2 deaths from sharks in the past few weeks and a definite sense that until the weather warms up a bit I will keep to the pool.

First week starting 30 May 2016 was an easy swim in the pool with 2kms and 400 easy warm up with Pull buoy then 400m or 4 x100 with paddles and PB and followed by 40 x 25 m with the first 20 with 1 hard and 3 easy and then next 20 with 2 hard and 2 easy and finishing with a 200m cool down.

Tuesday .I had my first ride with Exceed in a long while . Mainly the group training for the Worlds and ITU events in September. The session was big chain ring low cadence and just building strength .It was a river loop with Shelley. I felt really good and rode my Cannondale Aluminum bike  whilst everyone was on their TTs .I kept up with the back group of girls and caught the middle batch after 25kms and then rode to Mount Henry whilst they all headed back to the city . I rode alone through Shelley and back to the city .Unfortunately traffic got heavy by 7am so wasn't a good idea. Rode about 60km in just over 2 hours.

Tuesday evening did a weights session at Cross fit for about 30minutes.

Wednesday just an easy 5km run .

Thursday. I managed my Road trainer ergo session doing a 20 minute Threshold test with warm ups and cool downs .It was pretty hard but at least had my maximum FTP at 212 watts , lower than last year but something to work on. I did a workout earlier on my own for 50 minutes with 5 strength exercises and 500m runs on the treadmill.

Friday . A short 50 minute easy run and a swim in the evening with a 2.7km swim with the Pull buoy.

Saturday . I skipped the ride with the group and opted for a Road Trainer session of 2 hours and running of the bike with Molly for 5kms. The session was hard with an average 141watts for the 2 hours and the legs were pretty tired .In the afternoon at cross fit it was an aerobic session of boxing for 45minutes

Sunday . A bike session of just over an hour and 22km doing hill repeats at Ewen Street , a 5km circuit with a climb both ways . I was going to swim and run in the evening but opted for a rest .

The first week :

Bike : 6.5hrs and about 170kms
Run: 20kms about 2 hrs
swim ; 4.7km or 2 hours
cross fit : 1.5 hrs
Total: 12 hours