Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy Week

Despite the Flu and the lack of any training the past 2 weeks , I kept to the programme for this week which was my easy week.

It just doesn't feel easy. I am doing about the same hours and building.Thursday was a 2 hour easy ride and I rode to work and around Kings Park with a  short climb on each round. Then after work it was a ride back via Bayswater and making the 2 hour ride. Its my easiest day of training.I had planned on a longer ride but the weather conspired against that as i didn't want to get sick again going out in the rain.

I didn't map all the route on my garmin as I switched on my garmin about 12 km into the ride.

Friday was a relaxing run and swim ,both of which I  did after work.I finished early and got to the pool before 5pm and did my hour set of 2.3km

Warm up
150 freestyle 150 medley no butterfly X 2 Easy
Drill with pull bouy
50m 3X3X3 50 m freestyle x4 10 secs
6x 50 m 15 sec 8 strokes per breath peer 50m, 7 then 6 then 5 then 6 then 7 then.
12 x 100m freestyle on 15 secs
Order fast, easy, firm, firm, med, repeat
Cool down
300 easy with pull bouy

It was not so easy as there were 3 fast 100m spots which really were tough.I now do know what my fast is ...for the 100m it is 1.58 and my firm is about 2.15 and my easy 2.30. Something to aim to improve on..The garmin doesn't work as well in the water and I think there is software I can download to clean up the statistics as far as distance I covered. I ran from Beatty Park around the area .It was dark but at least there was no rain. It was an easy run and I felt good although the legs were a little tired after the swim and run.

Iam enjoying the flexibility of swimming at different times of the day.