Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Perth Chevron City To Surf Marathon 2011

City To Surf Start of the 12km race Picture from PerthNow

 My last few days have been given up to this one event . But despite the wheels falling off at 25km which was expected I did finish in 3.45.55 although my Garmin shows a distance of 42.5 km . I admit the training was not ideal as I skipped a few long runs and a 5 week programme wasn't the best but it was always going to be a training run at the start of my IM programme.

I was at the start line with 10 minutes to spare despite leaving the house at 5am . But it was enough and there seem to be only 1000 people doing the Marathon. I was fairly close to the front and Robert de Castella started the race . It was a great day weather wise and the run started off at the usual fast pace .I was doing a 4.30 split but immediately eased up and managed the first 21 km with a toilet stop at under 5 min pace. The first 20km were flat and I managed to maintain my pace although there were lots of runners passing me. One guy as even running pass me and then walking every 2 km's and Í would pass him again. This cat and mouse situation continues for 30 km. The stronger runners pushed on after 21 km staying at the 5min pace. Once I got back to St Georges Terrace and the run up the hill to Kings Park ,  the pace started to slow. I was still managing a good pace of under 5.30 but once I got to the 25 km mark the lack of any long runs was showing. It was all mental from there and I found it easier running up the hills then down so I was passing the same runners who would pass me on the downhill. There were a few runners who got their pacing right and were picking up the pace in the last 10km .I definitely got chicked by lots of girls who seem to push on at the same consistent pace towards the end. I did manage to stay ahead of one runner who kept passing me on the downhill runs but slow up on the climbs .I lost her at the 39km mark.Good runners came in all shapes and sizes so you really can't pick the fast runners. It was a sure test of mental toughness in the last 7km with the hills on Hay Street and then Oceanic Drive. Just kept at it but the times were getting slower. I wish I had done at least one 30km run .Not having done a run longer than 1.45 had an impact at least in the way I paced my self in the 2nd half of the Marathon.

But there just wasn't enough hours to fit everything in without getting too tired or  injured. .The nutrition went well and I had 5 gels and lots of water and Powerade at the aid stations. I have improved significantly since my last attempt 2 years ago with a new PB by 20 minutes. I have done 3 Stand alone Marathons and the first was in 5.02 . So despite not being able to maintain the pace of 5min km for the entire race I am heading in the right direction.

Just need to get the IM training out of the way to focus on a Marathon.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Difference Between Pleasure and Pain

This is suppose to be a relatively light week . I decided rest was better than a run on Sunday after a relatively hard Saturday bike /run combination of 4 plus hours. The legs thanked me for it. I spent Sunday driving to York and spending time with Jonathan as my daughter performed in a musical. It was a beautiful day .

Monday I slept in and missed my swim .As I was unable to attend the evening session it is a missed session.I did run in the evening for just over an hour.

Tuesday was  the start of my hard day. I got to Nedlands and Ross put me with a faster group .i unfortunately rode with a different group but it was just as hard .I tried to keep up my turn in front and largely succeeded .It was the hardest session since my training started as seen in the stats on the Garmin. The legs weren't completed wasted. I did have a bit of a coughing fit at the end from my sport induced asthma .

In the evening it was down to the track for an interval session. It was a 2km warmup and then a 400m and 800m set at         "I " pace with a similar recovery period done 3 times .Everyone had to plank for a minute at the end of each set but I just ran and did a plank at the end with a cool down. A total of 10km . I was running a little faster than my " Ï"pace unfortunately.

Chuckie V has again espoused wisdom in triathlon. he speaks of the top in the field learning from many sources, having the desire , the guidance and direction and the right genes help. Chuckie says in Chuckie V's blog : Seek and destroy :

In all sincerity, desire, or a dearth of it, isn't usually the reason an athlete fails to achieve what they've set out to do. It is more common that he or she…

•Lacks proper direction

•Sees no use in training well

•Has little or no incentive to train well

•Finds training more aversive than gratifying

•Gets easily distracted from his or her goals

•Is inattentive to the purpose in/of training
 "Strength does not come from winning," he says. "It's the struggles that develop your strengths. And when you go through hardships without surrendering, that is strength." And that's exactly what it takes to fulfill your potential (meaningless as though potential is): a never say die attitude. That, and an unquenchable thirst for better understanding.
Of the sport.

Of your competition.

Of the science.

Of "what it takes."

Of yourself.
On Wednesday it was the usual swim session in the morning although i struggled a little and in the afternoon I ran 10km at lunch time . Thursday was suppose to be a ride to work day but I decided to just have a good rest and with work Friday became a rest day as well . With the Marathon on Sunday it didn't seem useful doing anything heavy.

Got my Bib for the City to Surf on Sunday . Will have an easy Saturday and use Sunday as a good long training run.

Finally had a quick browse on Chrissie Wellington's website and her favourite quote is:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking Responsibility

“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I have a confession . I unfortunately as a lawyer purvey in the exact opposite .Trying to place some responsibility on others be it a driver , an employer or third party for the ills of my client.That is my job and there is a sea of grey in between the black and white of truth .

However there comes a time when I have to advise that it is no other persons fault or there is no fault just fate , pure mischance, an accident.

Similarly the latest financial and economic turmoil does  have culprits who must take responsibility or blame ( if they are ever called to account). Loosely it is the financial institutions in the US who packaged toxic products and misled the millions of institutions and individual clients/customers.The clients themselves for not making the necessary enquiries and trusting the advice they received.Many themselves were retirees and individuals who were not in a position to read the voluminous prospectus and even if they did they probably would not understand what they were purchasing. The whole chain of free market economics where people were misled with valuations and the whole economic dream that you can  get something from nothing.Valuations were always going to increase and no equity was necessary. If it is too good to be true then it is. The financial crisis in USA can also be squarely pointed at the liberal conservative view of market economics will sort itself out.Without regulation the market will always find the lowest common denominator which is always a recipe for a mess.So governments do have a responsibility to safeguard their citizens.

Buffett once said he never bought into a company he did not understand . Meaning he knew what they made or sold. He did not understand the Internet so never invested in the start up companies on the Internet. Similarly ,most people do not spend the time and energy looking at their finances and understanding them. In Australia, the majority of workers who have a superannuation fund do not take the responsibility to understand what their fund is doing.

I came across an interesting piece on the SMH titled , If you don't care about your investments , noone will

The bottom line is that you cannot avoid responsibility for your own financial affairs. You have to be involved because, as any financial professional will tell you, ''If you don't care, no one will.''
Read more:

Like all things in life a hard lesson to learn .In my training , I can lean on a Coach and I can get all the advice in the world but what I make of that advise , what I do each day , how I train and apply myself are all decisions I make.As they say the buck stops with me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mundaring Weir Ride

At Mundaring Dam Picture by Hannah Highfield
At the dam midway thru the ride (Pic by Keith Hickey)

On the way to Kalamunda for Coffee Taking the scenic route (Pic by Janna Highfield)
Another week of training over .

On Wednesday I had my morning swim session and before that I ran 5km easy .It was cold and dark but a fair number of runners were running .I was pretty warm after the run and that made getting into the pool lots easier .We did a warm up and some drills with the main section 6 x 250m and then a cool down I did about 2.4 km all up.I was last in the lane but only about 50 m behind the group.

In the afternoon I did a 11km run at threshold pace which was about 5.11 to 5.15 per km. I could not run with the Running Centre group this week unfortunately as I had work. On Thursday , it was riding to work and 4 loops of Kings park and the slow climb on a fairly gradual gradient. Friday was a light day with a swim and a run but I had a whole day seminar and so had an unplanned rest day .

The Seminar was organised by the Australian Lawyers Alliance of which I am a member and opening the Seminar was none other than the WA Governor  Malcolm McCusker . A great example of an individual  trying to make a difference in the World .

I had to get up early on Saturday for the ride in the hills.I rode to Loftus Street in the city where we met up and then rode to Great Eastern Highway and up Greenmount Hill. Keith led the way and was strong climbing. We then rode through Glen Forrest and headed for Mundaring weir road and rode it to Kalamunda .We had coffee and croissants at the French Cafe at Kalamunda called Le Croissant before heading down via zig-zag hill. I rode a total of 110km but lost my Garmin data whilst downloading the data.I was quite happy with the ride and felt comfortable on the climbs and strongest on the downhill sections.

I got home at 11am and ran off the bike for 30 minutes and did 6km . I felt pretty comfortable and the weather was really good. I was a little overdressed so it was warm for me in the hills. I swam in the afternoon but stopped after 1/2 an hour as I had a earache. My throat was a little sore yesterday so they may be related but it did not seem to have affected the training.

This weeks training:

Swim ; 1.5hrs or 3km
Run: 4 hrs or 40km
bike: 8.00 hrs or 210km

Finally , I have attached the link to my interview on 6EBA a few weeks ago on "EthnicAbility"

John Cooke & Suresh Rajan - Triathlon and charity

The Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre presents "EthnicAbility", a half-hour radio program on disability, ethnicity and everything in between.
The program is funded predominantly by EDAC with some sponsorship from the Disability Services Commission of WA.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Its a Sad, Sad World.

Nirvana 20 years on

The World is sadly a real mixed up place.

This past 2 weeks there has been Global Meltdown in the financial markets , Europe and the United States are facing  huge economic disasters, Japan and the nuclear issues remain unresolved ,  Famine in the Sudan and Somalia ,  London riots and New Zealand is snowed in . ...It almost makes me feel like curling up in a ball and just staying in bed. It is a miserable , wet and sad landscape of affairs.

The Press reports more negativity and our politics is the politics of picking the holes in the policies. Be it carbon tax , refugee policy or the mining tax.It is one big whine .My ears hurt from the constant noise from the press and the politicians . It is sadly a popularity poll driven political landscape that does no good for the people or the country.

No one has the best interest of the country or the people because it is just not popular. No one can do the right thing anymore because it just isn't popular or we are all blinded by the 'glitter or trickery of packaging we see in the news presentation we can't tell what is right and what is wrong anymore.

It used to be simple. Teachers and coaches tell us to keep it simple. Somehow the whole world just can't.

Its is a complex and crazy place . Sanity comes from staying focused and putting one foot in front of the other.

Each Tuesday as I complete my cycle training , park my car and  walk to Tiger lil's along Hay Street , I pass a guy in his fifties who sells The Big Issue , a magazine with general interest articles costing $5 .It is usually sold by homeless people who get half the proceeds. I have generally bought a magazine most weeks and chatted with the man .I don't know his name but I am considered a regular. He did disappear for a few months but he is back . He ask how I have been and where I have been. I said I haven't been cycling till recently and so haven't been going down to the cafe on Tuesdays.

I wonder often what sort of life he has had and how it has taken a wrong turn somewhere to lead him where he is . Or can I really ever know and really can I even judge . He may be happier than me.

The Big Issue has lots of great articles. One I enjoyed was a piece by Simon Castles, former editor of the Big Issue, about Nirvana , the Band , 20 years on .In particular the song written by Kurt Cobain titled guessed it , Smells Like Teen Spirit.

What I did not know was a girl Tobi Vail was going out with Kurt Cobain at the time and her friend wanted to taunt Kurt by suggesting she was marked with Vail's scent so she spray-painted the words "Kurt Smells like Teen Spirit" on Cobain's bedroom wall. He didn't get it and Teen Spirit was then a popular cheap deodorant for American girls .Cobain later used the words as a title to his song and the rest is history. The song writes Castle was in the Triple J's hottest 100 of All Time songs.

It is an article worth reading .Castle says in his piece this song is a Gen Xers anthem and marks Nirvana's place in rock history even without Cobain grasping the significance of the song.

Castle writes :

" By being a song of protest and rebellion , but also resignation and defeat , "Teen Sprit' expressed a sense of being stuck that most generation-Xers felt instinctively : a generation that had grown up with the Utopian dreaming of baby boomers , all the hopes of rock'n'roll revolution , had come of age as neoliberalism swept the west and ideals were traded for stock options .Gen-Xers had the desire for change , but also a cynicism about the likelihood of its success"
It seems that the Utopian dreams of my generation are fast dissolving into this sad , sad mess of a world. Just remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other and try to walk straight.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Importance of Rest

"The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."

 John Ruskin

I fortunately or unfortunately did nothing on Sunday.Had a few stomach issues and so could not do my long run .Probably had something I wasn't suppose to eat and just did not feel well on Saturday night with a very sore tummy.

Coincidentally , I read Chrissie Wellington's blog and she put up a piece she had written earlier for 220 Triathlon magazine previously on the The Importance of Rest . It is difficult as I do need to have a few long runs but as the City to surf is not my major race I am not too fussed by the gaps in training especially as I need the time for recovery . All I did was my core exercises.

You don’t know how to rest your body and mind. Unless you can learn to do this you will never be a successful athlete’. Headless? He was right. I was that proverbial chicken.
I am sure those words are as alien and scary to many of you as they were to me. We are creatures of habit, we love routine, some of us are obsessive compulsive perfectionists, who come out in hives at the thought of an easy session, a nap or, heaven forbid, a rest day. But I cannot say this clearly enough. It is not the swim/bike/run sessions that will make you fitter – it is the recovery – the adaptation and regeneration – from the stress caused by those activities. As Lance Armstrong said “Whoever recovers fastest does best.” And it is not just about physical recovery, its mental recovery/relaxation too. That’s why I say that I train 24/7: recovery IS training my body to be the best that it can be. Chrissie Wellington

Chrissie Wellington (Picture from her Website)

On Monday I skipped swimming and did my run in the evening. It was a pretty wet day and it began to rain almost as soon as I started. I didn't get drenched but I was wet all over.It was an hours run and I did just over 11 km.

Tuesday morning was no better with wet and squally conditions. I was late to Nedlands but did my laps .Getting there was tough with the wind .At a point along the river I was pedalling hard but I was not moving at all.That was a wind trainer session for real.

I managed about 42km and it was a slow ride by comparison so I have a long way to go in building strength again . In the evening , I did my usual run training. with Brad .I  have my  "I"pace now which is 4.21 min/km and we had to do a warm up and then run 9 x 400m at I pace with an active recovery in between. Did a total of 21 x 400 laps .After the 3 , 6 and 9  I pace laps we had to do a Plank for 1 minute. It was an enjoyable exercise .Completed 10.5km for the session. Felt pretty good and I like running on the track.It is a lot more comfortable .

I did the whole session with Geoff who was only 2 seconds behind me on the I pace chart. So it was easier to run with him .

Finally whilst on training Chrissie wellingtons top ten tips :10 Tips from the World's Top Female Triathlete
What I did learn this past 2 weeks are that the best laid out plans are changeable and flexibility is critical to a well thought out plan when executed.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

Depeche Mode : I CAN'T GET ENOUGH , Great Memories of a misspent youth

Week 2 of Training is nearly over. I have kept to the routine accept for a rest day on Thursday deciding not to do a wind trainer session.

Monday I skipped my swim session after the Sunday run but I did do a 10km easy run at lunch time .It was a little wet with a drizzle midway through the run . Legs were still hurting a little. In the evening it was the final NCTC Committee meeting.

On Tuesday it was up early and down to Nedlands for a 20km time trial .It was going to be hard and it was. I was passed by Julianna after 2km and just stayed on her wheel for the rest of the ride.My legs were screaming and full of lactic acid. It was a hard ride. I did just over 34minutes which doesn't count as I was drafting. Not one of my better time trials. In the evening it was off to Perry lakes for the run training.It was a really nice evening and we all had to do a warm up and then a 3 km time trial.legs were just tired but not hurting as much. I managed a 12.53 time which was pretty good . It does mean that the Interval pace that i will have will be greater than last seasons training.

On Wednesday I did make it to swim training and we did a 2.3 km swim session.I felt slow even with the flippers but my arms are slowly feeling stronger. I am still lagging behind the group in lane 1 . Breakfast after swimming at  TXTSHOTS . I had a large breakfast of french toast and bacon and maple syrup .It was just too much.

In the evening it was a run starting at the Running Centre.Lauren was back from IM Switzerland and was running that night . Lots of familiar faces.I started off with the 10 km group and soon led the way .The legs were feeling good and I did not get passed till about the 5km mark and then I could not stay with the fast runners .I turned back after passing the University at Jojos Restaurant on the river about 7km into the run . I then ran back along the river and did a 14 km run at under 5 minute pace.If the Garmin is to be believed it was at 4.31 pace although my HR rate was way above norm which can't be right.

Thursday was suppose to be a wind trainer session but I decided the body was due for a break. The legs were pretty tired with 50km of running in 4 days. I had a rest day and swam again on Friday morning.

Getting up is the hardest bit but I felt I was a little stronger in the water this morning. There is a definite difference in the strength of my right arm to my left and it makes my action of breathing on my right a lot more disjointed and cumbersome as my left arm is outstretched as I am trying to breathe through on my right. I feel more confident and smoother breathing on my left when my dominant right arm is outstretched and my balance is better. I am hopeful that as I get stronger the swim will improve. We did a 1000 warm up with various drills for 500m and then 20 x 50 m at 1.10 pace with rest and then a 300m cool down .It was a good session and I stayed with a group of 3 swimmers.After the swim session I had breakfast at TXTshots with the usual suspects . Just toast and coffee this time , could not have a heavy breakfast .

In the evening I did a 35 minute easy run and felt really comfortable. I skipped my core workout .I will have to do that another day.

Saturday , I had a good sleep in. I just fell asleep on Friday night by 10pm and slept till 7am .The exhaustion of the week catching up with me. I had a late start for my wind trainer session but possibly just trying to avoid the 3 hrs on the wind trainer. It was going to be a Coach Troy's Spinerval session aptly entitled Tough Love.

Greatest Torture Known to Pea brained Triathletes
I had issues with the sound from the DVD but otherwise it was just a hard mind numbing exercise. I could not do some of the stand and climb exercises for the duration required as the legs were just hurting so much. I had jelly beans and water and had to change my top midway from the perspiration. My cap was just soaked through.. I had a short break to change my top again at the end and then ran for 30 minutes .I did about 5km and I was really feeling light headed at the end , probably from the lack of food or a realisation that my rather small brain had shrunk and was bouncing around in the brain cavity.My legs are refusing to communicate with the other parts of the body.

Not so sure about the run tomorrow.

Swim: 2 hrs or 5.5km
Run: 4.25 hrs or 40km
bike: 4.45 hrs or 140km

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Is this My Tribe Image from remote tribes website

This week I had some time to read my Triathlete magazine ( August Issue) which I have subscribed to .

What I enjoy about the magazine is that it is colourful (after all my retention and concentration power is limited) , lots of great pictures of Triathletes , bikes and Gear.Some interesting articles catch my eye from time to time and this week the piece by the Editor in Chief Julia Polloreno .

She wrote about her first job in George Lucas' creative company . It was a tribe ...a family as  it collected a group of like minded people with a passion. That passion showed through in the production of great films and the length of time people stayed in the company. When she moved back to the East coast of USA she said she left that sense of community .She found it again when she started doing Triathlons.

Tribes are a group of people who share a passion , a mission , a leader or an activity. Human beings like what other human beings do in their tribe.Their habits and language. Seth Godin wrote a book about Tribes .Here's the book

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

by: Seth Godin
Amazon Price: $12.63 (as of 05/03/2011)
Tribes is a book about marketing, apparently, except it's actually about leadership.
We see Tribes behind every successful brand, organization, politician, non profit and cause. And yet it seems almost impossible to attract a tribe. In this book, I try to explain that the challenge is leadership, not marketing or hype.

Seth spoke at a talk in New York on Marketing , the example of the Grateful Dead a Rock band with a single hit but they created a Tribe . They attracted a following. People on the Internet can now easily create their own tribes .Triathlon has its Tribe .It is unique , fiercely passionate and very distinct .All traits of a tribe. As Julia writes in her piece , I have never felt in a tribe in any other sport , Triathlon has galvanised that passion and I see it in the triathletes I train with and meet all round the world. What is the attraction ?. They share my passion for the sport.

Posted on my face book this week is a piece 50-ways-to-identify triathlon obsession It is rather stale as I recall 4 years ago stumbling over these list and having a good laugh. Sadly I identify with many of the traits .I am in the tribe.

This week I identified with my tribes. I am in Exceed .I ride with a group of Exceed riders. I swim in Ross's swim squad .I am in lane 1 .I run on Tuesday with Brad Hoskings running group and on most Wednesdays I run with the Running Centre group .These are my tribes. I am connected and identify with these groups .

I race Ironman and triathlons .That is my tribe.

Some are easy to join and others not so easy .Like Hari Krishna's , you have to wear orange , be a vegetarian and meditate and chant and devote your life to belong .On the other hand watching 2 hours of Oprah each day qualifies you to be part of the Oprah tribe says Seth .It provides a sense of belonging , a purpose and the benefit ,health , mentally and physically and possibly a longer more productive life.

My thoughts are echoed by many . It isn't new . In another blog ,The Branding network  Cal Jackson says :

The members of your tribe are your allies on your life journey. When you're creating or expanding your tribe, look for people who will lift you up, help you grow, recharge you, inspire you, and celebrate with you, and who are willing to lend a hand when you need it. In addition, always remember that as a tribe member you have responsibilities toward your tribe. You need to give back to the tribe and offer other tribe members your support, just as they support you.

Now get out there and start creating or expanding your tribe.

Be it work or play . I hope to create my Tribe.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perth Half Marathon 2011

run along the river (but pic from Perth marathon 2011)

I ran my first half marathon since the Fremantle Half in 2006 in 1.43 hr .I am happy with that as I was aiming for a 1.45 . My legs were fairly tired from the ride/run yesterday and it was always going to be a bit of a struggle for me on Sunday morning.Yesterdays ride was not hard and I did have coffee before riding home .It was windy and even hanging on behind the main riders was tough at times. Especially when I was on the back wheel of Alistair at Shelley .Alistair took off and I just stayed with Johnny and then rode behind the Plan B cycle group all the way back to Perth . I did about 87.5km all up and then ran off the bike for 30 minutes when I got home.

I slept pretty well  on Saturday night. I went to the TWA AGM which was the shortest ever. Not a lot going on accept that there is an effort to slowly lift the profile of the sport in WA in the media. There is a possibility of membership fees coming down next season and there will be a conference for all clubs and TWA will be helping clubs send a member over . Triathlon remains a periphery sport and it will be a while before it makes it into the top 20 sports in  Australia.But like anything , a journey starts with the first step.

Like all amateur sports , the organisation is run by volunteers with a few full time employees. It is hard and there is a lot of criticism but like all organisations it is always easy to comment , lot more difficult to change and improve.Considering where TWA was 6 years ago it has come a long way. Hopefully TWA grows as the sports grows here in the West . This past year , every event has been a sell out. I hope the entry fees and membership fees do come down as participation increases or more race Directors put on more events .

Sunday , I got up early and the legs were stiff but I slept like a dog . The best medicine for insomnia is to run your tail off training. The week has gone pretty much as planned.

The weather was great and the race started promptly at 8am.I ran with Craig for the first 6km and it was a fast pace for me at sub 4.50 .
I slowly began to move forward ahead of Craig and saw Sue L about 50 metres ahead and tried to keep my pace at about her pace but that did not work and I soon lost her at the 10km mark. It was then just keeping an eye on the Garmin and making sure I could keep it at a sub 5 min pace. I had my gels and took one at the 48 min mark and the next one at about 1.15. Coming into the finish line I felt good with another 7km loop to do. I did slow down a bit at the back loop where we crossed the Swan river at East Perth before picking up the pace and taking my last gel. The Garmin lost the satellite when I was crossing the bridge so I think the moving pace and average pace were  different for that reason.

The last 3km were pretty hard but I just kept behind another runner and then sprinted to the finish in the last 100 metres. Felt a little sick after that. I was suppose to run 9km but as I was walking back to the car , the legs were really stiff and I decided to just rest.

It was a good course to do a PB and the weather was good and not too cold either.The last half I did was in 2006 , the Fremantle half and I finished in 1.46.19 .I did weigh a lot more but I was only running and hadn't quite got into Triathlons yet. I noticed a few names I didn't know back them who are all doing triathlons . Anna Wodehouse who did IM France recently was 47 seconds ahead of me in that race. Perth is a small place when you want it to be.

Week One is done and despite the wet weather I have largely finished without too much soreness or and no injury.

Its All about the breakfast

Breakfast after swim session on Wednesday 3/8/11

Ross after his bike/run.Training for ITU Beijing and he enjoys smashing James

The bikes lined up against the wall

Breakfast at Tigers after Saturdays ride

Alistair ...Kona Bound
I am humbled by the concern shown following my blog with my programme.

It is tough but on balance I have built in sessions that aren't terribly hard and more recovery .In addition I don't expect I will be able to start some of the sessions given the weather currently. But the concern is appreciated and I will try not to run myself into the ground.I am deeply conscious of how most triathletes believe more is good.

It is a useful experiment early in the programme to see if I can get some solid base with emphasis on my running.

That said my attention was drawn to a very interesting radio interview of Gerald Stone on the ABC on Tuesday night ( 2 August) as I drove home after run training.Gerald was a producer on 60 minutes in Australia and a journalist for over 40 years.

He has just written a book about his life here in Australia, being a recent migrant from the USA this past 40 odd years. His book is about his career and Australia of the 60s and 70s.

What is clear. Australia was a mono culture with rigid rules .In less than 50 years it is now a multi cultural , pluralistic and diverse society .

Interview of Gerald Stone by Richard Fiddler (ABC Radio)

What lots of Australians in the Fifties and Sixties according to Gerald Stone may not have quite appreciated was how great a country they were living in. He moved his family to Australia because of the cold war and the real threat of a nuclear attack on the US and what he had heard about Australia from family who had served in the US Navy during the war.

A remarkable journey and life .

The week started off with the first swim in the morning for 3 months . It was a good return although I am struggling with my swimming at the moment. I have de-conditioned a bit and I favour my right arm and breathing on the left as I believe I am not as strong when I am swimming with my left arm outstretched and my balance and core is of. Will need to work on it more. I am looking forward to getting back into the ocean in a months time.

I did a 2.6 km swim session and ran on Monday evening on my own. Did 11.5 km with a reasonable /moderate pace . ON Tuesday it was back to cycling at Nedlands and breakfast at Tigers. The weather was bad and got pretty wet as I struggled to put my rain jacket on. I then had run training at Perry lakes with Brad .It was fortunately a light session .Did about 6.5km .

Wednesday was back into the pool and  another 2.6km session and I ran at lunch time as I had a meeting in he evening .I did a loop of Kings Park and returned along STIRLING Hwy. It was a nice day and again ran about 11km .On Thursday morning it was cycling to work with lops round Kings Park grinding up the hill getting passed by a group of cyclist who may have been from Stadium Tri Club.
I rode home in the evening and it was an easy ride

On Friday I decided to just do my 30min run with some core work .It was a very light day .I could not make the swim session.

Saturday was cold but fine weather wise and I rode with the Exceed Club round the river and Shelley .It was a little tough in parts and with the ride to the city and back I did about 88km. I ran off the bike for 30 minutes very easy and probably did about 4.5km.

Overall the week hasn't been too hard . Tomorrow isthe  Perth Half Marathon and I will know how tired my legs are.

Bike : 7hrs or 188km
Swim : 2 hrs or 5.2km
Run: 3.45 hrs or 38km ( not including the long run tomorrow)