Sunday, March 24, 2019

Week 10 UTA 100 Training Plan

Irondog with the medal
Bloated Goat Finish Line at 12 Noon

First race of the year in preparation for UTA 100 in May.

Monday 11 March I did a 1.30 session in the evening at King's Park .An easy warm up along the park before 55 minutes at Kokoda with 9 Repeats to the top for 540 m followed by an easy coold downand 7.15km

Tuesday ,Usual 1 hour on Zwift .

Wednesday 9km run with 20 minute warm up and 20 minute at 7 RPE .Pushed a bit harder and got an average of 5.20 pace for 5kms then a slow cool down  for the 9kms.

Thursday Recovery run of 7.5km

Friday Easy run 5km

Saturday no training just a rest day.

Sunday . Bloated Goat Race at Wungong Dam by Perth Trails Series.
Got to the start early at 6am and ready for the start at 7am . There was a 2.5 hour cut off at the 16km mark and 5.5 hrs cut off for the 30km run with about 1600m elevation.

I think there were about 118 starters . 100 finishers and a few DNFs and DNS

Started with a climb within 200m and then the field progressively got thinner. I tried to go fast on the flats but concious of the long hot day ahead. It was a figure 8 couse and we loop round the course from 6km to 16 km . I got to the 6km mark in 50 plus minutes and then 16km at 2.14 mark so I was making good progress with the hope of finishing under 5 hrs.Unfortunately the back 14 kms was a lot harder and the heat and the fatigue in the legs were starting to settle in.I also went up the wrong climb and lost a few minutes . The next aid station was at about 26 kms and I was still doing well with 4.5 hours unfortunately the last 4kms were a slog and despite over 5000mg of salt still getting some cramps. Finished just under the cut off for the medal.

A really good work out and the climbs were steeper so Wungong is definitely a good training ground for UTA. The winner did the run in 3.04 . But being out in the course for more than 2 hours in 37C was definitely unhelpful. Glad to have finished and the legs got a good work out.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Week 9


There are 10 weeks to go to UTA 100km.

This week had a Monday Public Holiday with Labor Day on 4 March 2019.
So despite the sore legs from Saturday , I did the usual Kokoda session with 15 minutes easy running and 1 hour on Kokoda at King's Park completing 11 repeats in the very hot session ( was 12 noon when I finished) and then a cool down of ten minutes for 7.15km and 1.5 hr.

Tuesday an easy wind-trainer session 28km in just over an hour and a bit of climbing on the Zwift course.

Wednesday an easy 10km run in 65 minutes .Legs were still a little sore but got a massage that hurt like hell but helps.

Thursday Easy 7km run with tempo work out of 10 x 100m after a warm up.

Friday A short easy 5km run at lunch time.

Saturday .I headed to Wungong Dam where the Manning Trail runners met and I joined them for a 3-4 hour run on part of the Bloated Goat Course that the Perth Trail Series runs. It was raining and was a good session with some mud . We got lost and there was a bit of standing a round trying to work out the course but 4 hours later we got back to the Dam and covered 24 km and 840 m .Walked the last 2kms as the legs were tired from ta bit of hard running between climbs..

In the afternoon despite being tired I did a 30min cross fit session comprising:

100 sit ups
20 x hollow rocks, pushups and clean & jerks x 25kgs
15 repeats , 10 repeats and finally 5 repeats
finishing with  100 sit ups

The legs did not quite recover the next day and I settled down to a very slow 2 hour wind-trainer session managing to cover 41kms with a bit of climbing.

Total for the week 11.5 hrs

Monday, March 11, 2019

Week 8

LARKHILL 2 March 2019

The first night race at the end of the week . The original training program had me doing 2 hours as  a long run but I signed up for the 50km run , alittle ambitious at this point.

training was normal other than a rest day before the run.

Monday An easy recovery run of 7km

Tuesday usual cycle on the windtrainer for 1 hour .

Wednesday an easy 10km run in 65 minutes

Thursday Stairs at Kokoda King's Park .Manages 8 repeats in 37 minutes and 7km in 70 minutes

Friday a rest day
Saturday I did an easy 44 km ride and then in the evening headed to Larkhill Rockingham for the run

It was a 3km limestone and sand course with 34 laps for 50km.It was pretty cold and started well but by the 6 run was feeling pretty cold and the left back knee was starting to hurt.i decided to stop at 24km as I was worried I might be doing more harm.

Sunday was a rest day .

Only 8.5 hours this week but a good run to test the gear at night.Still a long way to go with the training.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Week 7 A big week

This was a big week.

Started with the usual training week but would end with 3 days at Stirling National Park and lots of climbing.

Ran to Kokoda and then did 55 minutes on the trail with 10 repeats and then ran back to the office for 7.55km and about 500m of climbing

Tuesdya same 1 hour on Zwift.

Wedensday an easy run at lunch time for 65 minutes and 10km. Start of the Delirious 200mile race from Northcliffe to Albany .A hot day in Perth and Northcliffe.

Thursday was supposed to be a strength session but I just rested. Friday I drove down to Stirling Park Retreat and after meeting everyone training that weekend we headed to Mount Trio where we did a hike to the top about 400m and 3 kms . Hard but enjoyable start to the weekend.There was no reception for my phone and no internet so a really quiet peaceful weekend with friends and training.


Mt TRIO Friday 22 February 2019
Saturday 23 February 2019 , Started at 7,20 and climbed with the group to the Top of Bluff Knoll about 600m .It was a gard climb and took me 54 minutes .The rest did one and a bit climbs before moving on to other climbs >I stayed and did 3 full climbs and then in the last did 2 smaller climbs toget to 2400m of elevation and 25kms in 7.5 hrs.
A long hot day. I ran out of fluids so found it hard going for the last climb .

But was a really productive day with a lot of elevation. The legs were sore and I had a few twinges of cramps but took enough salt to stop it .Back at the retreat regrouped with everyone and had a soak in the salt pool and got some really painful cramps in the inside of the lfet thigh.

Too exhausted to do anything else .Had dinner at the Retreat and then bed.

Bluff Knoll

The next day a final climb on Mt Hassel which was 400 m and about 4km .Took us 1.5 hours scrambling up to the top .Great views and then back hom after a great weekend.

Mt Hassell