Saturday, September 25, 2010


Thursday 23 September.
I had a 2 hour ride today with 5 x 10 minute efforts.As I had to drop my car in for a service I got to the city at 5.30am and parked in the city and then rode my bike to Nedlands . Caught up with Ross and group and then started my efforts on my own.Did 3.5 loops and then met up with the group after their run and bike session .

I rode back to the car and then drove to the service centre and rode to work.In the evening I rode back to get the car. rode a total of 70km.

Friday 24th September
Warm up
400m (150 freestyle 50 breastroke x2)
Drill with pull bouy
25m fist 25m freestyle x 6 10sec rest
then 50 reduced stroke X4 lowest number possible
4 X 150m freestyle 15 secs rest fast, medium, fast, firm then 45 secs rest
6 X 100 m  15 secs rest (100freestyle fast 100m easy X3)
8 x 50m freestyle all fast 10 secs rest
L1 X 4
Cool down
50m backstroke 50m freestyle 50m breastroke 50m freestyle
50m backstroke 50m freestyle
I just did 200m of the cooldown.