Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting a new week

I am getting over the flu.Today I skipped the morning swim and did my swim after work before the monthly North Coast Tri Club  committee meeting.It was a full day of work although I did get in a run at lunchtime for 45 mins and then rushing after work to Beatty park pool as the Inglewood pool was closed for a 3 weeks . I swam in the public lane reserved for slowish swimmers.

The set was :

Warm up
400 m freestyle easy
50m 6 kick 1 stroke catch up on front, 50m freestyle x 4 10secs rest
Threshold Set all freestyle
300m firm, 20 secs 100m easy 20 secs
250m firm 20 secs 150m easy 20 secs
200m firm 20 secs 100m easy 20 secs
100m firm 10 secs 50m easy 10 sec
100m firm 10 secs 50m easy 10 sec
100m firm 10 secs 50m easy 10 sec
100m firm 10 secs 50m easy 10 sec
1700 total
Cool down
50m backstroke 150m freestyle
50m breastroke 150m freestyle

I did everything accept the cool down as I had to get to the meeting by 7pm We had a longish meeting as it was the first meeting for the new committee . Finished at 10pm and rushed back and got my gear ready for the next day's ride.

I was up by 4.45am . Got to Nedlands and we did a series of short but hard efforts , Going flat out for 5km .I managed 5 sets in the hour. It was hard but I felt alot better than last week.

Managed to get the speed up to 35- 45 kph and then cruise back to the start point for repeats. It was a 2 hour session with the ride to Nedlands and back.

Wednesday 8 September
Slept in this morning as  I decided to swim later in the day and do my run as well. I managed to do my swim set at lunch time at Beatty park pool .There were a few swimmers around so it was  perfect for training. It was a really nice and sunny day and then midway the rain fell for a short while.

The set was :
Warm up
200m freestyle 100m medley 100m freestyle
100m medley 600m freestyle 1 min
100m medley 500m freestyle 1 min
100m medley 400m freestyle 1 min
100m medley 300m freestyle 1min
L3 100m medley 200m freestyle
L2 100m medley 100 freestyle
L1 2200 L2 2400 L3 2500
Cool down
300m easy with pull bouy
I did the 2200 and a 400 m cool down with the pull buoy

It was a good session.

In the evening I did my run with 20 minutes at medium pace which was about 145 to 150 HR .
It was dark and miserable .You know you are a triathlete when there isn't anyone else running in this weather.