Monday, October 29, 2018

Week 15 22- 28 October

recovery with irondog

Another big week of training and on Sunday I did a hydration tets with Simone Allen a Dietician doing her first Ironman.


Sore but did a zwift session not at full hard pace for 75 mins /or 38kms and rang off the bike for 3.6 km with Irondog


Easy 8km run
Then Zwifting for just under 80 mins or 36km


Ran easy for 7km and then swam for 2.2 km straight with Pull Buoy
Had a massage in the evening .


Ran on the threadmill with easy 1kmm then 500m at between 5min/km to 4.40min/km and 200m walk x 7 and then a cooldown of 1km for 7kms

Evening a zwift session of 50mins for 27km


Morning zwift session short hard tace of 20km in under 40 mins with some climbing in Central Park and then ran with Irondog doe 1.5km off the bike.

In the afternoon a swim at Beatty Park , just 2km with Pull buoy.


Early start at 5am to get to the narrows and ride down the freeway .It was for a change a warm day and I knew after the last 2 long rides and cramping I needed to up my salt in take and that was confirmed by Simone after the sweat test . I need in excess of 1100mg of salt per hour . The ride was 115km today and we had a bit of wind in every direction but fastest ride back with a stop at MacDonalds for a cheeseburger at the servo 42kms from the narrows . There were a few snake sightings but we only saw one crawling across the bike path .saw an injured Roo 40kms from the end and after the ride I called the wildlife group to get someone to have a look as it looked injured .

I ran 2kms off the bike as I had a meeting to attend.In the afternoon I did another 25km on the zwift .


A very slow swim and a first wetsuit swim at Hillary's in the shark enclosure. Later told there was a shark off Hillary's 2.5 m unknown species. I need more time in the water to get comfortable as still feeling slow in the water .

In the afternoon it was a slow 15km run with a short break at the 7 km mark.

Biggest week so far with 280km on the bike and 44km run and 5.5 km swim for nearly 17 hours of training.

Week 14 It is still hard

despite the number of races I have done the training does not get easier . What is know as an oxy mororn and obvious to the experienced.

This was the first of the last push at training to get a solid block done even though the weather has not improved .lots of cold wet days .

As seen from the screen shot it was a full week with one rest day following a Monday evening massage session .


Easy run

6kms or 45 mins

no training


Ran easy  6.5 km for 45 mins after swim which was 1.48hr and did a 4km session in the pool

In the evening zwift for 50mins 27kms


Zwifting 2.10hr and 65kms
ran easy 6km or 40mins


Ran 50mins in the morning for 6km and in the evening did a 2 km swium session mainly 50m and 100m with pull buoy


big session of 110km on the bike in 3.5hr and then ran 2km off the bike .Had better nutrition but still cramped at the end but managed the run of the bike .In the afternoon did the zwift ride out of central park covering another 26km in under an hour.


Overcast day with a few drizzles .Ran 16km round the river and then I did a further 7km along the coast for a total of 23kms in  1.45 hr and 40mins respectively The second run was for a sweat test .

total work out this week was just under 16 hours.The body is sore but feeling good to have done a hard week.

Week 9 10 - 16 September 2018

Spring is Coming

Training alone and in winter has always been difficult. Whilst the professional Triathletes are in a different stratospehere of training there is some nuggets of wisdom one can extract.,Lionel Sanders who is self coached is putting him huge hours of training on a windtrainer ,tread mill and pool in his basement simply because he loves the mental test of training.

you have to love what you are doing ie training and I must admit sometimes it has not been fund especially in the cold . The motivation after 10 or so years is not as strong although the different way of training has helped.

My weight has stabilised a bit despite the increase work load,partly as a result of the food .I have a fair bit of carbs in my diet and that is still the most difficult part to reduce .Not to go keto but to drop weight .

The week has ramped up with :

Did the Zwift Goeseng Grand fondo

Monday September 10, 2018 06:01 PM
41.8 km
Hard ride but has pushed my wattage up especially after the 2 weeks of doing the Zwift Academy  Programe

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Easy run of 7km in the afternoon followed by another Zwift session of just under 75 minutes and about 38 km .It was the last Zwift Academy group ride I had to do and whilst they were supposed to be easy , I always find the rides hard as the power output does increase and surge with most of the riders  I suspect having a much higher power output .

For me they are a good ride on tired legs .

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Today I did a short swim at Beatty park of just 1.5km straight out swim and in the morning I just did an easy 6.5km run at easy 7.30 minute per km pace.

In the evening a remedial massage which really gets all the knots in my back and legs .

Thursday 13 September 2018

Decided to have a rest day with the fatigue in the legs after the massage.

Friday 14 September 2018

Felt better for the rest and ran 8.5km at 6.25 min per km and felt good.In the evening rode on Zwift for 75 min covering 39km

Saturday 15 September 2018

First outing in 8 weeks on the road with CRT .It was about 4 degrees and cold. I rode from home and then did the usual circuit .Feeling stronger .Had coffee and then rode back for a total of 93km

I then ran off the bike 3km in 17mins

In the afternoon did Crossfit. Just 3 rounds of 5 exercises with 2 minutes on and a minute recovery.
The round was ;

Hammer hits
B ropes
Rolling wheel push/stretch
Standing knees
total 45 mins


I swam in the morning to make up for the swim I missed. Beautiful day and swam at the new Scarborough pool .Not crowded and swam 2km straight with a Pull buoy.

I was feeling pretty tired but decided to finish the week with a run to have the total mileage at least at 30km and then rode a Zwift Academy TT race to finish the week and the zwift programme .
The legs were jelly by then.

swim 3.5km 1.40
Bike 246km 8.5hrs
run 31km or 4hr
cross fit 45min
total : 14