Sunday, September 5, 2010

Round the River

I have started back slowly.i went down to the pool on Friday evening .It was the last session for 3 weeks as the Inglewood Pool is closed for maintenance.So the next few eeks I will be swimming on my own at Bayswater.

I was still hacking away but managed the session ...barely.Did a 800m warm up with 300m of drills.Then the main set was a set of 300m free, with 100 fast and 200 cruise, 200m free with 100m fast and finally 100m fast .Did two sets and then a 200 m warm down .I was let off by Ross as I was struggling a bit at the end .

The next morning ,I managed to ride to Subiaco and then followed the CRT/Exceed group round the river.Lost them at Point Walter as they passed a peloton of cyclist and I just had to tuck in behind the group passed. By the time I got to Applecross I ran into Tony and his group and rode with them through Shelley and back to Subiaco. We had coffee and then I rode home , about 91km , mostly easy. It was hard going at times especially trying to keep up with the pack. But I felt good and was able to keep up mostly despite my wheezing .

The challenge is next week as I have a full but light week .