Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Weekend Fun

The week ended reasonably well.. It  is the Queens Birthday holiday on Monday and so its a long weekend .Although not on the program I swam at the Cott on Sunday morning .It was a beautiful morning.The sea was flat and there were lots of swimmers around.clear skies and perfect for the beginning of swimming on a Sunday. Trevor (aka pieman for eating a pie at Baldivis on his 150km ride on Saturday ), Tony, Les and Hanna were back .We swam down to Blue duck cafe and back in about 45 mins .A slow but steady swim .I felt very comfortable even though my sense of direction meant I swam a lot more.I suspect we swam 1.5km or just a tad it was really slow .There were a few stingers around but otherwise a good swim.

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We wanted to have coffee at Daisies but it was shut so it was off to John Street Cafe.

After the swim I had JJ for the afternoon as we drove around the Joondalup and Hillary's area looking at various Council grounds for potential club rooms and training grounds for the tri club.Not a lot out there but I took lots of pictures and notes .JJ had fun playing at several playgrounds .After a short rest I did my long run .Somehow I managed to lose the data in the download but did 18km in 1.39. averaged 5.30 pace but my running average would have been better with a few traffic stops.Didn't quite run the route to the program as I more  or less ran the entire route at the same pace accept for the last few kilometres .But it was a slight improvement from last week but still slow and about the half Ironman pace I ran earlier this year.I have dropped a bit of weight and weigh in at 72.5kg but still a high %body fat at 33%  .Lots to do to keep dropping the weight and hopefully the % fat..

Bike: 8.30hrs 148kmIt does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times  
Run: 3.10 hrs or 35km
Swim: 4.15 hrs or 10.2km
total: 15.55hrs


Vince Lombardi

It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up
-Vince Lombardi