Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Loss

Finish Chute at Singapore 70.3 2011

Tuesday's Ride at Nedlands 1.5 hrs Hard

My scales are not working properly as I cannot get my BMI  but I did weigh myself over the weekend after Saturdays ride and again on Sunday when I was more rested.Iam now 70.5kgs. I can't remember when I was last at this weight.

With eight weeks to Lanzarote I am a little more confident I will get down below 70kgs before the race.

I have got my video for the finish at Singapore 70.3 as well . I probably should have run harder in the race as I was able to sprint down the chute ?

This week is looming as a heavy week . Monday was an easy swim session as I was too tired to get out of bed  in the morning at 5am. I had a good36 hours of rest and time to catch up with the stuff that needed to be done around the house.

I swam in the evening and did an 1.5 hr session swimming 700m before the swim training started in a slow easy pace and just counting my strokes >I as consistently doing 50-52 strokes per 50 metres.I then had the swim proper session with a warm up of 400m and drills for 300m and then the main set of 4 x 100 continuously at medium , firm , fast and medley before  a 30 sec break and doing it 3 times. Cool down was 100 kick and 100 free x 2 .

Tuesday was the hard session.I was up at 4.30 and down at Nedlands for the 5.30am start. I did 5 laps of 10 plus km and the average for the ride including riding easy to Nedlands was 34.5kph.

It was a hard session especially as I forgot my bidon of water. All up I did over 2 hours with 1.5 hrs hard .

In the evening , I went for run training and started running at 5.40 and ran till 7.05 pm.Did about 3.5km slow running and then the main set of 2km at comfortable pace  followed by 1km x 2 at threshold pace (4.54 minutes per km ) . Then a 2km at comfortable pace and 2x 1km at threshold pace and finishing with 1km easy. I did about 12-13 km i think .the legs were OK but it was a long day with 3.5 hours of biking and running in the morning and evening.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Quiet Week

Singapore 70.3 Picture by Melvin Lee

The week post Singapore 70.3 has been a little quiet.I did not do any training on Monday as I flew back to Perth but I was up early on Tuesday morning for the Tuesday ride .Everyone else was already on the course riding a 1.5 hr hard session .i got to Nedlands at 5.45am so I only managed 4 laps. it was a total of 56km with he ride back to the city. I had my race wheels and found the tempo really comfortable till it got to the 3 and 4th lap. The legs still held up despite Sunday's race.

In the evening it was down to Perry lakes for run training.The group was getting larger . Did a warm  up and 12 x 200m sprints at race pace which was 51 seconds but I was running the 200m at about 40seconds.The legs were really hurting after the session even though it was not a long (distance wise ) session.

Had a rest day on Wednesday and  I needed it.Thursday turned out to be a non starter as I just felt very heavy in the legs as well. So I was doing nothing for 2 whole days in a row , a real rarity.

On Friday I did an easy 45 minute run and my swim session inn the evening.But again the legs were feeling heavy and finished up swimming a few minutes earlier. Ross suggested I just call it an early night. I was happy with that as I was just struggling in the water.

I went to bed just after 10 pm with the intention of getting up at 4.30am I was hoping to meet Rod on the way to Fremantle and then the Narrows Bridge to ride with the Exceed group. Unfortunately I missed the meeting point with Rod by 2 minutes and rode by myself to Applecross and then to Mt Henry Bridge where I waited for the group. Jumped onto the back and then rode behind one of the group for the next 40km .They were doing a 90km ride . I had already done 53 km by the time I caught up with the group .It wasn't too bad hanging behind someone but on the return leg , I just couldn't hold on and got dropped.The legs packed it in after 100km and I was also running out of water . I managed to limp back to the city  and the 137km took me 4.5hrs. I rode home making it just under 150km.The legs were definitely cactus .

Training starts to crank up again with longer runs and rides .

Monday, March 21, 2011

AVIVA Singapore 70.3


At transition before the race

This is my usual blog on training and is doubling as my race report for the Singapore 70.3. I had decided to do the race as part of my preparation for Lanzarote given the date of the Spore 70.3 and the fact that I would not be racing the Busselton Half  this year. Congratulations to all the North Coasters who raced the Spore 70.3 (AL, Phil and Richard), Kevin Siah from Perth for an awesome finish and swim time despite the conditions , Enrico for the strong run finish ( will catch up in Lanza and your relaxed pace is my fast) .

It was a whirlwind 5 days as I finished off my training week , had a full work schedule and then flew to Singapore on Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning I did a swim session although it was suppose to be a rest day. It was a good session of 2.8km with a warm up of 700m and some 300 m of drills and then 1400m of 4x 100s at various paces which we did 3.5 sets of.

Had breakfast with some of the guys and then it was off to Singapore after spending the morning at the office. It was a little stressful getting my gear packed and ready and worrying about the bike getting there is one piece. The bike case arrived but one of the wheels was broken . so much for my homemade bike box but the bike was OK

I was staying at my wife's aunts place and managed to catch a taxi there arriving late in the evening. Got the bike set up and the next morning I did a 30 minute ride with some efforts and then a short 12 minute run. Felt comfortable and rested. The rest of the day was spent at Suntec Convention centre for the race briefing (remind me why do I need to attend these) All race directors say the same thing. The usual threats about drafting and the only new information was the WTC rules on wearing a speedsuit. Not relevant to me as I was racing in my new North Coast outfit.

I got my race pack. Not much by way of goodies this time round. The expo was rather small and the race briefing for the latecomers were held in a small room and there were lots of people who had arrived for the race the day before.I missed the Carbo dinner on Friday  as well. which would have been a good time to catch up with friends I knew who would be racing.

I didn't manage to see anyone I knew. Got back to the house to retrieve the bike and got a lift to East Coast to hand in the bike in transition. There was a long queue to get the timing chip . It was wet and there had been a thunderstorm. Got the chip and headed to the nearest taxi stand and chatted with an American living in Singapore doing his first Half. Did try and convince him to give the full Ironman distance a go. But the enjoyment out of the race is directly proportional to the effort put into training.

Had a quiet evening before the race and had to get up at 5am to catch a taxi to transition which was at East Coast Park in Singapore near the airport.Got to T1 at about 6.30am and as expected there was lots of activity.The sky was clear so it looked like we were in for a dry and hot day.

It had been raining regularly in the afternoons so there was the threat of rain during the course of the day. I got my gear set up and managed to borrow a bicycle pump . I had used my canisters to inflate my wheels on Saturday and they were not fully inflated. I was relying on my own nutrition which was carbo shotz and Gatorade.The course nutrition was 100plus and Pepsi  on the run.

As the race unfolded there were mistakes I made that did cost me time. Rookie mistakes but I was a little cavalier about this race. I had come off a previous hard Saturdays ride and the training did not taper till Thursday  ( i had done just under 40 km for the week and with Sundays run it was over 60kms ) although I skipped the ride session and did a run at lunchtime in the Perth heat but the legs were pretty good and I felt quite comfortable.

Mistake one in preparation I did not test everything thoroughly and whilst I had worn my new tri shorts for the bike ride on Saturday I had not used the top. My aero bottle was another issue and my bike computer magnet.It just shows that something can and does go wrong on race day.

I was ready an hour before the race and got my street gear and bag to the main tent early.It had my race number on but I got handed a ticket to collect the bag after the race with a totally new number. The suggestion was to staple it to my race number .Well  my race number was attached to my race belt in T1 . I slipped it into my back pocket of my top .It was last seen floating away in the South China Sea.

I sat on the beach waiting for the final race briefing but there was none. I spotted Kate Bevilaqua and went up to chat to her .She wasn't racing but it was an opportunity to speak to her and confirm she was definitely racing Lanzarote. She was more than happy to give me tips on the course in Lanzarote. Australia had the largest contingent in Singapore followed by the Brits and then the Japanese . There was a fundraiser for the quake in Japan and 2 of the TBB pros Hiro and Megumi were raising funds for the Japanese Red Cross.

The race started at 8am and my age group was in the 4th wave after the women and the 25-29 and 50+ . Al  Nichols and Mark Batten were racing and I spoke briefly to Al at T1. I also ran into Phil Prosser at Transition.

The start was a beach start and it was a 2 lap course with a run on the beach to the next lap. The first was inside a marked area and the second lap was on the outer area of the marked area. It was weird. There were a 170 guys in my age group and despite the wave starts , there were groups catching up and swimming over others. Visibilty  in the water was poor and I could hardly see in front of me. From the start I was pushed and jostled.The washing machine effect .  I assumed it would pass pretty quick. But this was the long cycle. It did not relent till I got onto the beach . I kept getting hit and trying to find a clear space with just no success. I ended up on the guide ropes a couple of times and boxed in as well. the swum over by the lead swimmers from the group behind as well. In the second lap I got hit right in the left goggle and it  left me drinking seawater and gagging. This was a regular feature of my swim.I kept getting squeezed .

As I got out of the water after the first lap I had a look at my garmin and saw it had taken me 28 minutes to do one lap. My heart sunk . This was going to be my worse ever swim.I got into transition at 57 minutes.

I later learnt everyone had a rather slow time but this was the worse ever . The second mistake was I should have been better prepared for the pummeling I got and kept more focussed . It also pays to practise in less than conducive conditions . I am so used to wetsuits and clear Cottesloe waters. Should be swimming more in the Swan River.

I put the swim behind and just focused on getting on the bike as quickly as possible. It was a  100 meter run to T1 I got my socks and shoes , helmet and race belt on and I was off.

As I mounted the bike and started off I kept hearing a rattling sound .I just could not figure what was going on. Another competior 2km after the start told me it was my computer magnet. I had to stop and spend 3-4 minutes trying to get the thing off. I managed to adjust it but then the computer wasn't working.I lost a few minutes and I now did not have any way of knowing how fast or slow I was going. I had my garmin but it was configured for a multisoport event and I only had my bike distance and time. This was becoming a race of issues.

The start of the bike course was on a narrow road and it was pretty crowded. I tried to pass as many cyclist as I could but it was hard. I managed to get into a rhythm and once on the main road it was nice and wide .At the turn around , I had another technical issue.My aero bottle was not fasten to the holder. The strap at the front holding it had come undone. I again stopped and spent another 3-4 minutes trying to strap it back. I just didn't need this. I thought I succeded but at the end of lap one it came undone. I spent the next 60km in aero holding my aerobottle.This was especially hard when manoeuvring my bike round corners and bends and the speed strips . If anything positive came from this I just dealt with the issue and didn't worry about the time.

The bike course was in my opinion crowded and there was definite drafting . On several occasions I got stuck in groups especially in the narrow parts of the course. There was also 2 no passing sections and I got caught behind slower riders. The fun bits were the coastal road which was fourlanes wide and I could really push. The highlights were passing the guys on disc wheeels and riding behind Rachael Paxton as she told everyone to stay left . I managed to overtake groups on a few occasions as well but they were short live before I just got passed and had to drop back . Despite the issues on the course, it was a flat and largely windless course. I did a 2.31 and  it was a PB. I came off the bike feeling pretty good.

My transition time was 3.35 for T1 and 1.35 for T2 . I managed to run to my slot and get my shoes on and run out of transition in probably the quickest time I have done in a Half yet.

I got on the course feeling good and for the first km ran at 5 minute pace which was fast for me.I was going pretty well for the first 4kms when I started to get cramping in the gut. Not sure what it was . I also lost my salt tablets and one gel.They all fell out of the back pockets on my tri Top . I never usually use new gear in a race but thought it would be fine.It never occurred that such a slight change would have consequences. Well sort off. I only had one gel and  I started drinking the 100plus on the course and it may not have agreed with me.Or it could just be a combination of factors. I managed to get through the first ten kms but my pace slowed drastically and I then took my only gel and that really helped .I also got a can of Pepsi at one of the aid stations and felt a lot better which improved my run pace heaps. Finished the last 10kms alot stronger. The run course was amazing.There were lots of people and bicycles and skaters and every man and his dog was out on the course. There were people having picnics all along the beach front and skiing on the lagoon.All this took my mind off the race. I was really dying in the first lap with my cramps so that helped. I saw Al Nichiols on the run course and Suzie (Al's wife) was cheering the North Coasters along.

I finally got to the end and made a sprint for the finish line only to drop my sunglasses and puffer .Had to turn around and pick them up and then continue the sprint to the finish line . I tried to break the 5.30 mark but I finished in 5.33.

Despite the swim I was pleased with the effort . It was a big week and the legs held up well . Did not have any injuries or and major dramas. Caught up with Richard Kelso-Marsh at the competitors tent . There was a spread of food but after 5 hours I wasn't terribly hungry. The skies then opened up and all my gear in transition got wet.

I did not stay for the prize presentation as I was keen to get back and get my gear sorted out and packed away. I managed to do that before 6pm . It was home the next morning . Don't recommend the rush to race but the Spore 70.3 is an enjoyable race . It was a very valuable race and I learnt lots. Mistakes I have made and should not repeat .

I wish part of the swim was on land as shown in the garmin map?

Iam not sure why the moving average is so far off but the distance is not accurate as I did not press the cycle leg on the garmin till I was about 2km into the race.

 the run leg

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Packing Up

The week has been pretty relaxing . After Saturdays Long ride I had a good long  break from training a whole 24 hours and did my run on Sunday evening. I ran for 1.30hr  with 2 x 10 minutes at threshold . The legs were tired but it was not a strain. Managed  15.50 km  .

On Monday I got to sleep in and did nothing in the morning with a swim in the evening. I swam for half an hour by myself and the other half with the squad.

On Tuesday it was the usual hard session with an hour hard on the bike at Nedlands .I rode with Tenike , jay , and Rod.After the first lap Jay dropped us and I then rode for the 2nd lap on my own before Tenike and Rod caught up with me for the third lap.I had my race wheels on and I felt really good. I averaged 36.8kph for the hour.

In the evening I decided to run in Kings Park and did my interval session with a warm up and then 5 x 800m at I pace of 4.36 minutes per km. I ended up running over 13.5km in 1.15 hr.

I was going to swim on Wednesday but I was just really tired in the morning and I couldn't make the evening session so Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a rest day. I did not ride on Thursday as well as i had a flat tire and instead I ran at lunchtime .An easy 50 minute run totally just over 8km.

Feeling a lot more rested and should be ready for the half on Sunday.The really stressful part is getting my bike into my bike box and all my gear ready.this is turning out to be one of my quickest visits ever. But Iam  looking forward to the race on Sunday and meeting up with everyone in Singapore.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Look inside >
April/May 2011

I was looking at the electronic version of the Lava Magazine recently. Its a beautiful flash magazine with some good articles.

The adverts are just as creative . There is above the advertisement for Fi'zik saddles with Miranda Carfrae 2010 World Ironman Champion looking every inch a Champion. It is clear and simple . One word ....Committed. The sport of Triathlon is moving forward and growing exponentially.There is the marketing , the capital venture group buy outs of iconic brands , the high end technical equipment , the numerous training aids and the exotic races.

But strip it all down and you really have yourself and the time you commit and are committed. It is foremost about that commitment. In the same issue there was a letter from a reader published  by Lava clearly having  real go at the magazine and the kind of elitism or yuppism he saw in the sport and that a glossy well put together magazine with all the latest gizmo's should attract . Brad Culp the editor did defend the magazine pointing out that it was a very broad stereotype . I agree. In all sports there are individuals who do it for all the wrong reasons and then brag about it. I don't really care . Generally most triathletes seem great to hang out with and I am not fast enough to attract the attention of the elites or snobs of the sports .But it isn't unique to Triathlons. We in the sport are a microcosm of the rest of society in many respects. 

If you pursue a goal and are committed for all the right reasons , that is all that counts. What are the right reasons . They vary for each individual . I enjoy the mental and physical test . The sense of running against the clock and always trying to improve is the elixir of life.  Its a complex puzzle of getting all aspects of my training  correct to reach that target.

You don't always do and you always learn something about the whole experience.

Like the old saying ...How do you eat an Elephant .One bite at a time .The more important question is why do you want to eat that Elephant ?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Said it isn't fun?

Two video clips of triathletes training in Lanzarote . great shots of the Bike course in Lanzarote.

Today , I did my long ride . A week out from Spore 70.3 and I had to ride 170 km with 4 x 20km at threshold.It was hard trying to get my heart rate up .It was quite cool and had a late start at 6am .Just struggling to get out of bed when I know its going to be a long long ride.

Decided to head out onto Reid Hwy and then down the coast to Fremantle. I got passed by a few groups and  stuck onto a group and led for a short while till just before I lost them at they turn off to Fremantle and I headed towards the bridge and Canning Hwy. At the lights jsut before the bridge over the Swan , Ron who swims in the evening group rocked up .He was with the CRT ride but got dropped and was making his way round the river.I headed by myself and got to Mount Henry Bridge and then onto the Freeway cyclepath .About 10 minutes later I passed the Exceed group who were doing an easy ride down the freeway.

After that I was pretty much on my own . I rode down the Freeway to Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and then turned around back to the turn off to Roe Hwy cycle path and then all the way to Welshpool road and up to Kalamunda and then Mundaring and home.A total of 166km.
I ran off the bike for just under 30 minutes.The legs were tired but felt comfortable .Had lots of gels and eletrolyte.

Food intake was:
5 gels of 30gms carbohydrates = 150gns
3 scoops gatorade or 3 x 30gms = 90gns carbohydrate
dates and sugared ginger approximately 30-60gms gms.
1 600ml bottle of coke
1 390 ml bottle of coke   approximately 100gms

Total 370 to 400 gms . Just a little less than optimum carbs needed .

It was nice to get that done . I was a touch slower than last week but felt stronger off the bike.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pushing On

Every Thursday I ride to work and its one of my earlier starts.  I am out of the door by 5am and I ride down to the city and we meet up today at the Narrows and ride down to Shelley where everyone rides at threshold and then back through Curtin University and there is another threshold effort to Canning Hwy and another one on Riverside Drive.It is back to Zekka in King Street for coffee.

Lajos made the comment if I could ride at 40plus kph at threshold I should be doing a 4.40 bike split for the Ironman but the truth is sitting behind a fast cyclist is a lot easier and my Heart Rate was probably comfortably at threshold.I only had to work to catch up to them.

I rode home after work making it a 66km round trip.Not as long as last week and just under 2.5 hours.

Friday was an easier day I ran in the evening for 50 minutes and then did my swim session just 2.3km and it was a relatively easy set .800m warm up with drills and the main set  12 x 100m of 100 fast, 100cruise, 100 fast , 100 cruise with walk and dolphin , 100 fast , 100 with backstroke and breast , 100 fast and 100 medley repeated . Cool down was 100m and 50 kick x 2 .

Tomorrow is the long ride ...170km .My longest for the year and it will be interesting to see how I pull up.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stepping Up

This is week 2 of a 3 week cycle before Singapore 70.3. Iam plugging away with the fundraising and need to spend a bit of time getting the message out.

This week is an easy week for the rest of the crew before the push to Busselton Half but its bery much business as usual for me .It is a particularly hard week with a long ride on Saturday and more hours.

Monday was a defacto rest day as i did my run on Sunday and did not swim. But Tuesday was a long day in the office.I got to the city at 5am and rode out to Nedlands and thendid 2 laps before meeting the group and riding round the river through Mosman and round to FGremantle and then onto Canning Hwy and round applecross and back to the city . I did not join the group for breakfast opting to ride round Kings Park and finishing with a 2.5 hr ride. Did about 66.7km

In the evening I was going to ride to run training but finished late so I had to drive there and di my run session . Brad was not abale to make it as he was on Night shift so we trained on our own. I had a warmup and cooldown with 10 x 400m at Ï"pace of 1.50min per 400m .It was a good session and managed to keep at that pace comfortably.

ON  Wednesday it was back to the pool and a good swim workout.The water was nice although it is now not as bright at a quater to six in the morning.I did a 500 m warm up and the main set was a 7 x 300 firm pace with 20secs rest after each swim.It was a reasonable sssion and did a 200m cooldown .a total of 2.8km

In the evening I ran for 45 minutes at a slow easy pace. I was actually required to do a 1.45 run but with Brads run training yesterday I have done the same volume.

I still feel pretty good and the running is slowly improving as seen by my run pace on my longer runs.
The only worry is getting sick and dropping weight.

The trainning is stepping up and Iam concious of all the pitfalls of doing too much although my preparation for Spore 70.3 is definitely not the way to step up to such a race but as discussed with Ross its not my A race and its a good training experience.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sculptures by the Sea

Sunday is my rest day and for the first time in a while I have had a sleep in rather than getting my weary body out of bed and to Cottesloe for a 7am swim which is late anyway by comparison to the other training mornings. I still get up early by habit but I was dead tired and was fast asleep by 10.30 pm.It  is true that most triathletes sleep earlier than most kids. Hence some would consider us quite boring.I am by nature a night owl but the long training session does make staying up till midnight a little more taxing.

Today , the whole family went to Cottesloe for breakfast and to look at the Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition. A wonderful tradition even though the beach gets quite crowded. it is days like today at cottesloe that make for the perfect day .

Jonathan at Breakfast at the Cott

Sculptures by the sea ,Cottesloe 2011

A crowded beach ,Cottesloe

At Cottesloe Beach Sunday 6 March

Jonathan after a swim 

I rested for most of the day before doing my run as I wasn't able to run on Monday .It was a 1.30 run with 2 threshold efforts of 10 minutes each.legs were weary after yesterdays ride but they held up. Felt good and managed to keep the pace fairly constant. did about 16km to make it 20km in the 2 days with the 150km ride.

Hope the body holds up for the 2nd hard week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The push to Spore 70.3

This week has started with my push to fundraise for EDAC and the 3 week countdown to Singapore 70.3 a good test run midway to Lanzarote.

Cottesloe beach after Sundays swim on 27 Feb 11

I did a solid run on Sunday with a 1.5 hr run (had a break between as I had to get JJ home from the park) It was hot but managed to do the 2 x 10 minute threshold runs and held it at 5.12 per km pace.I ran about 15 km in 1.25. (after Sunday mornings swim with the stingers)

On Monday it was swim training .Did an easy 2.5 km and I was glad it wasn't a hard session.Lots of 200 and 100m sets.

Tuesday was the usual hard ride at Nedlands I had an hour on and the ride there and back . I managed to keep up with Jeremy but it was just barely.Everyone else was struggling as well. It was a hard session. I did an average of 36kph. I did a 50km session with the ride from the city.

In the evening did Brads run training and again it was a hard session with intervals at I pace which for me is currently 4.36minutes per km.I did a 1, 2, 3, 4,3,2,1 minute at I pace with recovery in between.The legs were jelly like after the session.

My time splits for the i-pace sections were faster .

On Wednesday I slept in and just did a 30 minute run followed by the swim session in the evening with Cara.
We had an easy 400m warm up and then a 800m set 300m and 200m set with a 200m easy session in between. i then did a 200 cool down a 2.3 km total with the sets a race pace.i managed the 800m in just over 15 minutes my fastest currently.Despite a number of faster swimmers in the lane and I am still at the back of the group , my swimming has improved .

Thursday was another long session with a brick session at Mosman.I rode from home and got to nedlandsN,where everyone then rode to Mosman. Once we turn off from Stirling Hwy , the race begins with the first run at an oval and then we ride to the golf course and run one of the fairways and then to the last run which is at the base of a hill and we run up the hill and back again , and then ride up the hill to the finish where we gets the heart pumping in the morning.We ride back to Zekka at Queen street in the city for coffee.I ride home in the evening making that a 3 hour session.

Friday .I did my swim training in the morning and again it was not too bad a session.I managed to keep up and we did a  50 m fast , 50m recovery and 100m fast x 3 and followed by a 50m fast 100 recovery and 50m fast  x 3 . and the usual drills and warm up with a 200m kick and free x2 for cool down.A total of 2.5km.
I did my easy run at lunch time and ran to Subiaco and then round kings Park and back to the city.It was hot but I wasn't running fast.

Saturday is always a hard day at the office.A 150km ride .I made an effort to get up before 5am and I was out in the dark at about 5.10am .I rode to Fremantle and the Mt Henry bridge ebfore getting on the cycle path along Roe Hwy and up Welshpool Road.Then on to Kalamunda and Mundaring.I got passed by cyclist climbing Whelspool Road and again I had to have a coke at the BP station on Whelshpool Road. The downhill sections on Mundaring weir Road were great but the climbs out of the valleys were really a slog.I found myself passed by 2 cyclist just before the Dam and I managed to stay with them for a few minutes.
They stopped at the Dam for a break and I went on to Mundaring where I had a slushy at Dome cafe .It was then home via Helena valley and Guildford.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life - A Cycling Documentary from Johannes Bay on Vimeo.

From the blog Cycling Tips

Cycling in Nedlands on 1 March 2011 ,Tuesday's hard session

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Please help and Give generously.
For those who are new to this  blog My name is John Cooke .I am a solicitor in Perth, Western Australia and a current Committee member/ Vice -President and Past president of the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre.( EDAC )

I am also a wannabe triathlete. I have recorded my training and thoughts on my journey in triathlon over the past 2 years on a blog. I am now training towards Ironman Lanzarote on 21 May 2011 and Ironman Busselton on 4 December 2011 An Ironman is a triathlon with a 3.8km swim , 180km bike and 42 km run.

As part of my commitment to compete in these two events I hope to raise funds for EDAC towards continuing the support and assistance they provide to people with disabilities so that an individual with a disability may realise their full potential .

In the sport of triathlon , many ordinary people from all walks of life come to realise that what seemed extraordinary in the beginning can be overcome with dedication and perseverance. For someone with a disability providing a voice and advocating for their rights to realise their potential is such a similar journey of possibility.

EDAC : Welcome to the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre
Time for the World's Toughest Ironman : Ironman Lanzarote
Ironman Busselton: ironman western australia

Please give generously or drop me a line on my blog or contact EDAC directly if you wish to know more about the organisation and or wish to support EDAC in any other way.

At the present moment all donations have to be made to the organisation and or its account. We are in the process of setting up an online facility for donations.

Donations can be made to EDAC and please provide your name and address as all donations are tax deductible :

EDAC Bank Account details
ABN No. 35 913 004 810
BSB 306 089
Account No. 011 451-0

Or sending a cheque to EDAC to :

Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre:
320 Rokeby Road
Subiaco WA 6008