Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Week 6 UTA Training

Serpentine Dam Sunday's run

As in previous weeks the week starts with a session at Kokoda track in Kings Park.Today ran about 1.5km as a warm up and then did 55 minutes of repeats for 10 repeats and about 500m and then a cooldown for 6.55 km .Pretty warm .

Tuesday an hour on Zwift just ticking the legs over andnothing too strenous.

Wednesday the tempo run with 10 minutes warm up and then 55 minutes hard in the afternoon sun and had a twinge in the right  groin and so pulled back a bit and just averaged 5.40 min/km . A little slower .Cooldown a further 15 minutes for 13.3 km

Thursday An easy run of 5km and then an hour on Zwift

Friday A swim for a change , 2000m at Beatty Park.

Saturday. I slept in for the CRT ride so rode 2 hours on the swift but easy and did about 55km

Sunday.Long run at Serpentine .Drove out and started at 6.30am with 21.3 km .Got lost and only managed 550m of elevation .Again pretty the end .

A good week of training .Not as much elevation as hoped.

Run 46.4km or 6.20 hr
Bike: 112km or 4 hrs