Saturday, October 2, 2010

The meat and potatoes programme

It has been a busy and tiring week .With work , family and training i have been a little too tired to blog for the past 5 days. Apologies.

Training has been good.Monday the 27 September was a public holiday so i deviated from the training programe of Ross and did an easy ride round the river with Tony , Keith , Tim and Trevor. I did my swim on Sunday and my long run as well . I reasoned that as long as I have over 24 hours rest between my Saturday ride and long ride I am fine.It gives me a good recovery period for Tuesdays hard session.This week was a rest week fro the rest of the group so there was only 3 of us doing a hard ride .I stuck behind Alistair and managed a34kph average with my slow ride out to nedlands .It was easier as I just had to stay behind Alistair but he was going harder than my usual group.Michelle was not well and did not show. Jeremy was ill and he rode. I managed to stay with Alistair for the whole hour.Tony was doing laps in Nedlands but I did not see him.

Met the rest of the group at Tiger Lily's for breakfast.

Wednesday ,  I did my running in the morning but misread the programe and did the 1.15 session with 2 x 20 min at thresshold.should have been 20 minutes at medium pace.In the evening ,returned to the Inglewood pool for the first time after the shutdown . It was nice and warm.. Did  a 2.6km session. Felt strong and managed to keep up in lane one.

On Thursday , the weather had changed and it was overcast , cool and drizzling. .I set off on my own to ride round the river and do 5 x 10m efforts.unfortunately I found it hard to get my HR up and in Cottesloe I got a puncture .a first on the road since October last year. I manage to change the tube but could not pump up the tyre .Eventually a cyclist came to my rescue and gave me his gas cylinder .I managed to ride round Fremantle and back to the city without another puncture. I then rode home in the evening makingit a ride of just under 70km


Friday , was the first Aquathon for the North Coast Tri Club.I therefore had to do my swim session in the was a 2.7km session.

warm up
200m PB
200 free and 100 medley x 2

50 chicken wings, 50m finger drag and 50 free x 4  did 2)

main session

200 free ,150 free , 100 medley and 50 x3 at various paces.

cool down
kick and free 100 m.

The whole group is back in the pool. As the office was having a staff meeting and lunch I finished work a little earlier and had a nice barberque lunch.I got up to the Sorento Life saving Club where we have our Aquathon series..I did a 1hour run before the race started and it was a beautiful Perth day with lots of people about walking, cycling and on the beach. It was a bit blustery at times. helped out with the time recording for the race.It was quite a windy day and the race was a 400m swim and 3.2 km run.the water was  probably cold and there were stingers about. everyone got through safely. lots of first timers as well. there was 38 starters.

Got a sausage roll and then it was off home to prepare for Saturdays Ride.