Friday, November 27, 2009


It is not a tradition followed in Australia but I thought it was a good enough reason to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.
There were a few blogs by triathletes and Everymantri that wrote a piece on what they had to be thankful for from a triathletes perspective.

For me it encompasses everything in my life not just the sporting activity I pursue.

I am thankful for:
1 My family and wonderful wife and kids who tolerate my obsession
2 That I have a more balanced perspective to life
3 I am healthy
4 I stumbled into triathlons
5 I have met many wonderful people I otherwise would not have met.
6 I train and enjoy the company of a great group of supporting triathletes.
7 I am in a great Club
8 Great work environment and supportive colleagues .

So much to be thankful.

The week has passed quickly and I it is only 8 days to Ironman Western Australia.
I am feeling better and fresher as the workload has dropped off .it has been a relaxing week and i had a rest day yesterday after swimming on wednesday and doing my run in the evening.

Today I ran easy for 45 mins and swam for half an hour .

With a 2 hour ride tomorrow and a short run , it would have to be one of the easier weeks and then I go into a full taper. I plan to get all my gear sorted out , the bike serviced and write my nutrition plan out this weekend.

hopefully everything goes to plan and Iam hopeful that I will have a good race.

Finally from the blog of the Fat cyclist:
I am thankful for the letter “L.” Without L, it would be impossible to have a wonderful life. Instead, you’d have a wonderfu ife. Which would not only not be wonderful, it would be downright ridiculous.