Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Funny World Of Triathlon

The training is done and I have been surfing this evening looking at various blogs of triathletes.
What strikes me immediately is
a) Iam not alone , strange or obsessive
b) There are heaps of people who indulge is this passion called Triathlons

I almost feel normal.

It is great to see the enthusiasm , the time and the energy people around the world put in .Clearly it brings great joy and I feel more in touch with humandkind in my sport then ever before.There is an immediate connectivity .I do not feel alone in a strange country or a place when Iam at a trievent.The is common purpose in this madness we love.

I do enjoy reading the blogs and the training everyone is doing not only the pros.
Its amazing what triathleets can blog about as well .I have attached a few interesting links which are great for a laugh.

Finally whilst surfing I came across the tritwins blog and he wrote a great piece about his rivalry with another triathlete who is returning back home after several years in Malaysia.It is heart warming to read about the friendships that come out of the sport but the desire and attitude to challenge oneself each race against another but to not let it get out of hand.

heres my hit list of stuff on triblogs and or links from triblogs:

Do Pro/Ellte Women Have A Sex Drive???

Emma Bishop

jonathan in the distance

20 Questions with . . . Graham Fraser
An excellent interview of Graham fraser and his involvement with Ironman events in North America .

There are lots of blogs that I sort of dip into from time to time but with time at a premium for training , I don't get the opportunity to surf the internet as much.

Having said that it is so much more fun to be experiencing life ...the trilife.