Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Craig Alexander Sports performer of the Year 2009

Congrats to Craig Alexander sports performer of the year in Australia at least.
He is the ultimate professional and I enjoyed the short meeting at Total Triathlon before the World Long course Championships in October at Perth.

Again one of the few sports where the elite are so approachable and down to earth regular (accept when it comes to their performance ) guys and gals.

I think endurance sports does teach me alot about life , how you treat others and how you would like to be treated .There is a healthy respect for your fellow athlete and that's why I cannot reconcile some of the horrendous drafting that occurs .It really is not only cheating but a poor reflection of the character of a person despite the significant commitment of time and energy in training and disrespecting fellow competitors who put in so much. It is a sport that is largely self regulating .The marshalls are not everywhere on the course. It is about discipline and standards. There are no shorts cuts in life and there are certainly none in getting to my triathlon goals .

Craig Alexander does reflect some of the better qualities of our sport.