Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Resting Up

After the Monday run and tuesday ride in the morning ,I was not feeling too well...with a sore throat and very tired and aching legs.It was raining this morning so I decided to skip the swimming and running today and just rest.

Tuesday mornings ride was a hard session of 1hr with a hour hour ride to nedlands and back.I got to the start late as i fell as my bike clipped the pavementbut it was at very slow speed and just had a sore knee and fortunately no damage to the bike.

I caught up with a group but soon after had a loose cage and had to stop to get it off.Then turned around to catch the group of 2 cyclist michelle and james and rode with them and Ross taking turns at the front till a cyclist joined us and I started to ride with him as we took off from the others on a slight incline and he rode off eventually and I was left on my own on the return leg of the circuit and caught up with meredith and tried to get them to hang on but to no avail and ended up cycling on my own again. I was slower than last week because I was mainly on my own but did a credible 32kph including the slow ride to the start of the session.i managed a 50k ride all in for the morning.

With the race a few weeks away ,Iam not really taking or pushing myself so this morning I just decided it was better to rest than chance getting sick .Iam listening to my body alot more and I was really very tired .

I will ride and run tomorrow and swim on friday and that will help .One last longish ride of 120km on saturday and then the taper begins.

The Club is gathering momentum to get a cheer squad down to Busselton and putting on a bit of a show especially for members racing but as the biggest club in Western australia , I think its a good showcase to the community and our international visitors it is a great club.It will certainly be welcomed by me on the run course.