Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Right Balance

I was asked in discussions about my level of training compared to my first programme under a different coach and that the level of hours of training has dropped but its not about the volume more the right balance especially for anyone working.
Here is my reply:

I am averaging about 15 hours with the peak periods at 20 so its not as hard as budgy .But the intensity of the riding and running is greater.Ironguides progs don't have high volume of hours but builds up to 20 hours so you don't feel tired.If you are working long hours and training long with little recovery you will just not perform.
so its not about the hours ,more the build up and being consistent and rest is the key .
ultimately if you want to ride fast you will have to ride hard for short periods and slowly allow the body to adjust to longer periods at the intensity u want to achieve and it can take a long time to build as iam finding out.Why don't you ask chris whether he should put up the training and see what his reasoning is .
Read chuckie V one of my hero coaches:


I am still doing more and not following the programme religiously but I am not beating myself up when i miss sessions and it is usually the right thing.I have just had a hard 4 days with a hard run on friday wheni sh have been doing an easy run , a long166km sat ride and run and a sunday swim when it was suppose to be a rest day .But i skip my swim on monday and just do my run.So by this morning I am tired and struggle out of bed to ride .
hope that helps
Iam only slowly learning how important rest and recovery is .I keep wanting to chase that rabbit down...

Iam still learning but improving.It may not be the optimum way of getting to my optimum level of fitness or race goal but when you set off on this journey it is partly the trip and the twist and turns we all take including coping with many external pressures and unforseen circumstances such as injuries or illness which may throw us off for a while but may often be a blessing.