Monday, November 9, 2009

A really Easy Week

Cottlesloe Beach

Free Willy and The Fish having coffee at John Street after the swim

The weekend was a nice leisurely weekend made up of an easy 3hr ride ...not quite 3 hrs and a swim on Sunday at Cottlesloe beach. I think I needed the break as many headed down for the first race of the West Australia triathlon season for the Bunbury triathlon. A race I have not missed since I took up triathlons .It was my first Olympic Distance Race in 2006. The whole family came down with me and then promptly slept through the race. By the time I finished they had got up ,had breakfast and showed up. well it was fun.

The Saturday ride started relatively early and I headed down Reid hwy and West Coast for Freemantle .I jumped on the back of a few cyclist but decided to chase a few more and finally at Point Walter one of the cyclist in the group commented on my IM Austria cycling top. Told him I had done it in July and there were a few hills and not enough in Perth to ride up.I then found Nat and Jason riding leisurely round point Walter and tagged on ( they were racing Bunbury the next day and did top ten finish),riding back to Perth where we had coffee at Tiger Lilys .We got there before the massive influx of roadies. I then took the long way home round Bayswater and Embleton.

Sunday was a nice day at the beach swimming at 7.30am at Cottlesloe, one of the premier beaches in Perth.The weather was good but the sea was lumpy , there was a fair bit of seaweed about and the stingers were out. I was swimming with the Fish and Free Willy . We set off along the coast pass the Blue Duck Cafe and it would be about 1.25km and then back .I was zig-zagging abit but otherwise it was a reasonable swimming effort for me in 47 mins.Fish swam between the groin and the sea wall as he had a sore shoulder . We then headed for coffee. I have become a caffeine junkie since I started doing triathlons. the atmosphere at the cafe on John street just off the main road facing the beach was great with good coffee and a discussion of my favourite topic ...tris. It just rounded of the easy week and made missing bunbury bearable.