Monday, November 23, 2009

Swimming among the fishes

Sunday Morning was usually a rest day but for the last few weekends I have been swimming at Cottlesloe just to build up some confidence in an ocean swim start as following the black line at the bottom of a swimming pool really does not help prepare for a swim start. It is helpful in so far as maintaining my aerobic fitness.

Well this sunday was no different and in keeping with the wildlife theme for the weekend as we started off from Cottlesloe Beach , Free Willy taps me on the shoulder .I thought I had collided into him accidentally but it turned out he had just seen the biggest fish ever ,a sort of groupa or wrass.I missed it completely.The water was exceedingly calm and great for a swim with absolute clarity .There were large schools of fish around but I miss the big one.

we swam for about 50 mins and then headed for the john Street cafe with Fish and family.It was a really nice Perth day.My swim was reasonably good and managed to keep up with everyone. The amazing thing is despite the whole ocean to swim in I still collided with a swimmer on the way out and on the way back...just not the same swimmer.

The hard training is now done and I just have to get my pacing and the nutrition right.

On Monday 23 Novemeber , I skipped my morning swim and ran on the threadmill for 50 mins at an easy pace which was just over 10kph.It felt good and I did not get my heart rate up . tomorrow is the usual hard ride at nedlands.i spent the evening changing my wheels and will get the bike serviced this week.