Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have got my training programme for the last 5 weeks of training before the West Australian Ironman Race in Busselton.

I have the usual short note from Ross and the weekly programme .I have an easy week this week and I need it.
I have been coughing up the mucus and Iam glad the end is in sight.
Here is Ross's note:


Lets do the last 6 weeks right and have great day out there.

Get salts up and keep nutrition on target for entire day, be vigilant.

I expect a PB whether in time or position, I know Austria was not good for you but I also know you are heaps better than that so start being that better athlete the squad knows you are. Yes John the squad sees what you have achieved and know how much you have improved so repay them with a good result.

Keep up the diet

See you out there and enjoy the easy week


The week began well enough .I had to skip the swim session on monday morning as my son had a sleepless nite and as such I did as well. As I had a North Coast Committee meeting in the evening I ran after work for 1.20 easy and managed a reasonable pace .I met barry who swims at Bayswater pool riding round the river and had a brief chat with him .Mentioned all the tough spots I have had these past few months and I think I will need a long break after Busso.He reminded me that I had said that last year .
how true. After Busso I will probably have a break but get back to another race next year . After all I am thinking of IM China afterall.

The run went well and it was a fairly nice warm day. Monday is always a rush .With the meeting ending at 9pm I rush home and get myself ready for the next morning before I can relax.

Tuesday morning starts really early at 4.45am and I get down to the office and park my car and ride out to Nedlands about 8-9 km from my office and meet up with the rest of the training squad and Ross at 6am.We then start an hour of hard riding , doing laps.We end up doing about 35km in the hour. I rode with Julianna , Rob , Jamie , Tenike and Michelle later . It was an easy week but I said I would try and stay with them for as long as I could. Rob set the pace and it was reasonable in the first lap but i struggled in the second lap as I was coughing and spluttering through the ride so I could not take my turn in the front as often. I was much better in the third lap and hung in there till the end .I had managed to average 35.5kph .My fastest average for the whole year on a Tuesday morning ride. the tuesday ride is easily the best few hours of training for me .

The best part is always riding back into the City and to Tiger Lilys for coffee.You do not appreciate the simple pleasures of life until you have such a start to the morning .It is also the great company talking about what I enjoy ...cycling and triathlons.

Wednesday 4 November .I got up early 4.50am and got to the pool at about 5.30am and actually started swimming early .I did a 500m warmup with a PB and then 50free , 50 breast ,50 back, 50 free , 100free x 2 =900m
the we all did a 1000m time trial and I managed a 21.50 which was good for me . I then did an easy 600 and a further 300 free .A total 2.8km swim .
I was supposed to run in the evening but work got in the way so I will do my run tomorrow .Old habits are hard to break eventhough its another rest day . the week is looking good as I am feeling better .

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