Friday, November 6, 2009

Becoming an efficient swimmer

So What Do You Want To Be…
A Fast Swimmer or a Fast Triathlete?

Simply being a fast swimmer will not make you a faster triathlete

Hazen Kent - Tri-Newbies Online

How to Use Swimming Drills to Improve Your Swim
How to implement swim drills into your current training
plan and workouts

It has been a great week as I have been relatively stress free and feel more relaxed not tense or anxious or just tired.

The body has recovered from the chest infection ( or nearly).I had a good hour run with 6 x 1min efforts on the thread mill.I ran at 11-12kph and then put it up to 14-15kph for a min each time .It was good .Did not feel tired given that I had not been doing a morning and evening session.

I swam again on Friday and we did several drills.It shows up that I am just still not an efficient swimmer .Ross stated that if I just focused on the drills and concentrated on my stroke I will get faster.Well it has only taken me 1.5 years to work that out.

The other interesting point is the subject of the article above. Trying to swim efficiently allows me to keep my heart rate lower and come out of the swim with my heart rate low enough that I will not be cycling above thres hold and possibly bonking down the track.

It is all simple in theory.But putting it into practice is the issue.In retrospect my swim times have improved and I feel more comfortable in the water.Now to just get faster ....

Finally for those who wonder into this blog Craig Alexander win the Australian Sports Performance of the Year Award
(but you have to be a resident of Australia to vote)
sorry to the many visitors to this blog from around the world including someone from Iran ...Iam intrigued now ,do they have triathlons in Iran???

Help Crowie (Craig Alexander) Win!
Craig Alexander nominated for Australian Sports Performance of the Year Award

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