Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Is Good

The week is winding down .I had a very easy run on Monday .On Tuesday the usual bike ride . I had spent Monday evening getting my Zipp 404 wheels on my Specialise bike.
The bike looks good .I got up early 4.45am and got down to the city and rode from my office to Nedlands approximately 10kms . On the way I chased down a peloton of riders , about 25 , and I sat on the back of them crusing at 38kph along stirling hwy and up to Birwood and then did a short spin on the ciruit before the 6am start and met jamie on the way.

Ross wasn't riding today so Lajos sorted out the groups and off we went .I started with Rob , Teneke , Michele , and myself but by the half way point I had followed teneke and we had merged with the other group comprising Juianna , Rod , Jamie and Jason. We then rode with them till I had to stop to get my container cover which I had dropped and I rode the last 10 mins on my own. I had managed to average 36.2kph for the first 40km of the ride which I was pleased about . I felt quite comfortable taking my turn at the front .

As usual coffee at Tiger Tiger was good.My last cup till IMWA for what its worth .

On Wednesday , I swam in the morning doing only 2km ...i was feeling a little sluggish and again was real slow but I am not going to be knocking off 20 mins from my swim. In the evening it was a run with 3 x 2min efforts so it was really easy stuff and anyway there is not much I can do at this point in time.I had a brown dog running along with me for the last km before he went off when he saw another dog in the park. He kept running ahead of me and waiting for me to catch up ...a sort of dog pacer.

The week has been good .It was light and I am feeling better ,Craig Alexander was named Sports performer of the year and well deserved , Ironman Malaysia is on the date they said it was after all that confusion the world is Balanced (my tri world that is.)

From Emma's blog ...I hope she doesn't mind but it is so funny .

And finally a link to chuckie V latest comment in his blog ...The Mystery of Ironman.
If there's one thing that absolutely mystifies me about this whole Ironman "lifestyle" (if you will), it's this eternal impulse to celebrate something we can't wait to finish. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that.

Some things in life are meant to be a mystery especially when the world is in balance.