Saturday, February 28, 2009

A bit of Pain

On thursday morning bright and early like 5am whilst it was still dark I set off on my 2 hr bike ride
It was supposed to be 5 x10 min thresshold rides with 5 min breaks but with the lack of any light I chose a steady ride till i got to Whitfords city .Ran into dave as he was cycling to the meeting point.
did 2 loops with the group round hillary then headed home .did 55 km overall.traffic was heavy on reid hwy.

in the evening did interval training at hillaries with NCTC .Was about 50 min of 800m , 400m and 200 m sprints.The last couple of runs ,i felt a twitch in my left hammy so i pulled up and jogged the last lap.

It was still sore in the morning ...The next day I skipped swim training in the morning but went in the evening.
still sore but managed:
400m free with pullbuoy
300m 25 back 75 free ,25 breast 75m free
3x400 free
first session firm fast fast
second session fast firm fast
third session all fast
3 x 25 back 75 free warm down

focus again on my stroke used the pull buoy because of the sore hammy.

slept like a log in the evening and got up at 5.30am for Sat Ride
Again 4 hrs in the hills did the ride from home to helena valley, darlington ,mundaring up the mundaring weir road then turned around and came back.

It was a slow easy ride accept for the hills was a grind witht he wind as well .But on the ride back I got up to speeds of63kph and on the flats 50kph with the wind assist.
I was feeling extra sore in the legs ,I put it down to the hammy and fatigue.

Kept up the nutrition well and drank 1.5 l and lots of carbo by way of dates.The weather was good ..not too warm at all.Saw a few cyclist around only.

In the arvo it was lots warmer when I did my hour easy run .the sore hammy was less of a problem as I ran longer.

sunday is rest day but marshalling a tri at hillarys.

The journey continues austria