Monday, February 16, 2009

A day at the beach triathlon

941 Sprint John Cooke m
m40-44 941 1.37.53 20 88

The next tri for the weekend of training was aptly called a day at the beach tri.I managed to get there early enough waking up at 4.30am and getting to the tri at 6am .It was still dark and the bike troute was shortened toa 1.7km circuit which we had to do 4 laps for each leg and there was 4 corners so it was really difficult to get into any proper groove particularly with the number of first timers and mountain bikes.

The format for the sprint was 200m swim 8km ride and 2 km run repeated 3 times with a 170 metre run to the beach and a 50 metre run back to the bike transition on the th beach sand ...real fun.

The swim was ok and I actually think i went faster in the 2nd and 3rd legs .My transitions weren't too bad and raf baugh won the dprint in 1.10 .I did a 1.37.53 which wasn't too bad considering that i found it difficult to ride with the number of potential crashes and my worry that i was trying to avoid anyone who went down unexpectedly particularly when i saw a few wobbles and people keeping to the right or 3-4 riders riding abreast .It was going to be difficult to pass them. I felt strong again on the run although by the third round I was glad it was my last.
overall i felt good with room to improve the swim and cycle .the run will follow if I can come out of the water with a lower heart rate . It was at 15 and did drop rapidly to 140s in the cycle and then in the run went up to 152-160 .I think that was about right for a sprint course.

Had a good break .I managed to falll asleep without any difficulty on sunday night and had a nap in the afternoon as well .The race did take alot out of me but felt better by monday night.
My triceps seem to be very sore after two days of racing ?
Its back to tuesday morning rides and the rest of the week training .

I am a step ccloser to booking my flights and will send details to ken re my travel in the next few weeks.

what was really uplifting was the number of people I knew in the race and the ppeople cheering from the sidelines .

Or a different note an interesting blog re lances press conference before the tour de california:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lance Attacks