Sunday, February 22, 2009

the tummy rumbles

Thursday became a dud day with no training as I continued to feel unwell with a cramping stomach .Either the slimming tea or something I ate was making me ill.I had alot on at work as well and chose to take it easy.friday was better and I swam in the evening ...a first for me as I usually go in the morning.
It turned out to be a good session.Concentrated on the technique with ross pointing out my stoke was good when he was watching but I would revert to my old habits when he wasn't .
well it might be true but it took alot of concentration to get it right.Just need to keep plugging away...afterall I have 4 months before IM Austria.
I do feel Iam getting a smoother stoke but iam just as slow.

Saturday I got up late but as I was riding on my own it didn't matter .headed off just before 7am and got back at about 11am .Rode up thru Helena Valley and kaalmunda ...I did Mundaring weir road twice.
It was slow and easy but felt good.It was pretty hot by 10am and I managed to draft behind a group of riders at guildford for a short way till bassendean and lord street .A bit of respit.
I then did a run in the arvo.The temp was atleat 35C and that really took the energy out of me.Running at 4pm was lonely and hot.
I slept well on sat night and got up late.Sunday was a rest day so I decided just to do a spinerval of 1.25 min and that was good .
the rest of the day was just relaxing around the house and went over to tims after taking JJ to the railway museum , to watch the Hawaii Ironman on foxtel (he had saved it on his harddrive)

Ironman NZ and Langkawi come up and I have read lots of interesting bits.
Here are some of the links I have added to the newsletter this week:
Ironman turns silver
Sunday Feb 22, 2009