Sunday, February 8, 2009

On friday I had a reasonable swim session with approx 2.4 km and lots of 100 m firm and recovery swims.
my stroke count was down to about 50-52 per 50 and I managed to keep up with the group just .
I felt good after first struggling to get out of bed .
arrived home just t 720am when the mega seal people ..they do sealing f baths etc arrived .
i did my intervals in the evening along foreshore from hillaries to trigg and the wind was howling with sand hitting my face but the run back was comfortable .i did 12 x 400m runs approx based on running hard for 1.30m and than recovering for 1.30min.
had a hot dog and I was glad i wasn't doing the aquathon today .the swell was bad.
Got up earlu enough for the ride ...nut was late for the 6.30 start and had to catch up with them .Caught up with them at uwa and they rode to freo via claremont and cottlesloe and through the cyclepath and left bank befor point walter and raffles then onto mount henry and shelley and curtin and victoria park .
i then cycled home did about 90km which was a bit longer than I should have done .
rested for the rest of the day.
sunday morning ad a late start and rode for an hour just spinning along reid highway but the ride back was tough with the headwind .
did a total of 11.5 hrs for the recovery week with 2 tri on the weekend will be interesting.will be getting my bike as well.

did my links for the newsletter at North Coast Tri club and came across another Ironman motivation video .

Spirit of Titans-Motivating Ironman Athletes

Produced in partnership with and Heather Gollnick's It is a motivating film to inspire prospective Ironman athletes and their families of the joy and inspiratio...