Wednesday, February 18, 2009

another manic monday ...

After the racing on the weekend I was sore and glad monday was a rest day ...noswimming or running as usual .
I felt good by the end of monday despite a hectic day.
Got my bent wheel fixed coutesy of ron at balmoral cycles.
Iam definitely gettinga bit of a reputaion as a crash dummy ...emphasis on dummy .

Tuesday morning was hard ...I only slept 4 1/2 hours before heading out at 5am .cycled to nedlands from the city and we did a 1hr of fast riding.
I managed to stick to jerry and the other guy (not sure of his name) ...we tried to stick onto rob when he came by and managed it although it was hard catching up to Rob.that lasted till I lost them passing a peloton of cyclist at the top of the hill and the roundabout.
I cycled on my own till the girls came by and jumped onto them ..that was much more bearable.
despite the speed My computer only showed an average of 30.5 kph including my slow ride to nedlands

I felt better than last week so I think Iam slowly getting stronger.

Total training on tuesday 2hrs.
I was going to start some core exercises but got distracted int he evening sorting out payment for my tickets.

Wed was swim and run day.
Swim session was 2.5km
with 400 warm up
with 100 free 50 backstroke /breast repeats
2.5 800m comprising 400 with pullbouy , 100 medley and 300 firm.
warmdown with kick board.
I had moments of good technique ...

In the evening ran for 45 mins easy .

I had bought some slimming tea a few days earlier to help with the weight but turned out to be a disaster.Have had a sore stomach and purging all day .

for some light reading :
The Adventures of Jimmy and Memphis: BACK FOR 2009
By Amanda Balding and Luke McKenzie