Tuesday, February 10, 2009

another week...training

The recovery week didn't feel like a recovery week but Iam now in ato a new week .It was hard getting up yesterday morning 9 feb .Its darker in the mornings and at 5.30 its still night outside.
thats the hardest part particularly as my legs were a little stiff from the sta and sun rides however short.just not as fit yet...
the swim session once in the water went well.I managed to keep up most of the time and trailed the main gp in lane one (weakest lane) by 100meters .
did 200 free
300 medley
800 firm 30 sec rest
(actually did 1000)
just can't count followd by
500 m firm
and 400 recovery and 100 kick
felt good if not tired.
work was full on and then collected my bike from TBE .It looked good and ready for the ride tomor.
went for a run 1hr in the hot weather .must have been 33C or hotter at 5.45pm
did an hrs run approx 10 k slow .

Got up early today for the 2 hr session at Birwood pde .First ride out and it was noticeably dark .thankfully had the bike lights

got to nedlands early from the city and we did our laps .I managed to hang on but eventually got dropped by ross and jerry and the others ...caught up in the last lap and again dropped once we had turned off to return to the start . It wasn't too bad but it was hard to stay on and i have lots of weight to lose and strength to build before Ican hold my own . we did a hard ride for 45 mins and then 15 mins of running 5 mins fast .i had atleast improved that aspect from the previous run.
tuesday's ride was better than the previous outings on the raceline .The ride back was hard as well with the headwind and my legs just fatigued ....coffee and tigerlillies was good.