Sunday, February 1, 2009

first day in February

Riding the Hills
After fridays State aquathon I was knackered .A morning swim session of 2km and then work , followed by the aquathon took its toll.
I managed a 57 min time for a 500mswim followed by a 2.4 km run X 2 .The swim was rough and the swell was quite spectacular but pretty normal for a friday evening at hillaries given all the North Coast aquathons I have been to ...but it doesn't make me fast .
I decided to rest for saturady and just tidy the house .Rode with tim on sunday morning .i left home at 6am and got to his house by 6.20am and then off through bassendean , guildford ,Mt helena , mundijong , mundaring weir road all the way to Kalamunda and then back thru the zig-zag road and guildford.
It was hot and the there were a few hard hills but with my old allu bike I managed to spin up .A lot slower than tim though .
Did a comfortable 88km but it was hot by the time I got home.we did have a good break at kalamunda with bagets and capucino. Afterall in ross's programme it said an easy ride.
the training starts in earnest as I try to tackle my swim.
goals for the year are as always :
A better swim time 1.15 for the IM distance
Improve my bike endurance 5.30
and run 4 hr marathon
get the weight down to 68-70 from my current 78kg
Waiting on the new bike and it is a specialised s-works frameset built up but realised it will be different tribars on it.