Monday, February 2, 2009

other ramblings

As i scoured the internet for triathlon stories I came across an interesting article on 2 Singapore triathletes and a competition ban placed on them a they breached the Association rules when their coach found them in the same room at the Bali beach games in October.The explanation was reasonable as the female competitor was alone and in a part of the resort with none of the rooms occupied and felt worried given it was the weekend of the execution of the Bali Bombers and there had been bomb threats made.

Triathletes banned
By Jeanette Wang

Read Jeannets comments on her blog as well as she had written the article and copped some flak.
Not deserved at all.
If it wasn't so serious it would be hilarious that the petty mindedness of officialdom stretches in Singapore to even sports.TAS needs a good dose of commonsense .Just a reprimand and counseling the athletes to just seek out an official would have put this matter to bed.

on other matters I had a sort of rest day for Saturday...did the boring bits like housework etc and tried to recover from the fatigue from the Aquathon on Friday.
on sunday rode from 6am to 10.30 with a break for coffee 45 mins .Did close to 90km in the hills around Perth from my home to guildford , Mt Helena and Mundijong and Kalamunda and back home.
It was stinking hot and just did not hydrate enough .Tim was strong on the hills and got a half km ahead of me in the end up Mundaring weir Road.

I had my raceline pave and everything was rattling down the hill so did not dare push it.
on a brighter note waiting for my new bike.Think I have atleast put a dent on the weight issue with the training starting in earnest.
hard long day at work.Did an hours run to the pool and chatted with Ross. Did not swim today just had no energy in the morning.

its an easy week and I will focus on my swim and technique.
Ross will try and correct my lack of technique.