Saturday, February 14, 2009

champion lakes Tri

I had a pretty relaxing day today .no long ride in the hills and just a sprint race in the arvo.
It was at the champion lakes rowing complex ...a new rowing complex in the suburb of armadale in perth.
A straight road down tonkin hwy to the complex from my place.I thought I had lots of time but I got there at 11.50 and everyone was already at the briefing.
I managed to find a parking spot and decided to cycle to the start but my bag got caught in the spokes of the front wheel and over I went damage just a bent shifter and a not so straight wheel and a sore elbow.
it did swell up a bit after the race.
I rushed thru transition and registration just in the nick of time as they were closing transition.
Got my gear sorted out and then waited for my start which was the last.the water wasn't too cold but pretty murky.

I again had a few panic moments but otherwise got into a rythm and managed to come out of the water better than I usually feel and not too bad a time ...was 20 min an improvement for me in a non wetsuit swim
I then managed to get a good start in the ride and even though the wheel was touching the brakes i just had to got on with it as the specialised had a very different catch for the brakes.
did the ride in 39.57 again for a 22km course was better than normal.but lots of improvement ahead.
the run was very good i didn't feel I was pushing myself and did the run in 24.07 and managed a steady pace of 90 strides every 58 secs.

overall did a 1.24 min and was 18 th in my age group .not so bad given the circumstances .i know my bike leg will improve as will my swim .
tomorro another race.