Friday, February 13, 2009

its all about the swim

wednesday ...instead of the morning swim session i slept in as I was just dead tired from the tuesday session and work.
I got home in the evening and it was stinking hot.I drove to terry tyzarks and then ran for 45 mins in the heat slow and steady .i managed to keep my strides consistent at 90 right strides a min.
saw raf baugh at yokine park with a group of runners .

I did a 45 min session and was glad to be out of the heat
headed to the pool for the swim session\
that was an easy session today:
400 free and easy
200 medley
200 freestyle
3 x 400 firm with 30 sec rest
200 warm down and 100 kick

then had a one on one session with Ross to watch my stroke
he sacrificed his nuts to demonstrate the stroke on the side of the pool .LOL
But is was very i learned first hand 4important points
1 My hand coming out of the water with the elbol loose and high
2 entry of hand and arm straight ahead and 5 inches below the water surface and entry half way between myself and the furthest point my arm gets.
3 bend my hand and bring my arm and hand to just below my chin and fingers not protruding further than the midline of my chin and chest
4 using all the force to feel the water pushing back in the follow thru beyond the body to the thighs
5 keeping my head lower and hin tucked in slightly.

concentrate on my swim stroke and not speed and feel the movement of weater around me.

we ended up finishing the session at 8.30 pm Long night
On 12 feb Thursday , I skipped the morning ride but did my interval sessions at hillaries with NCTC

Great fun to run with others .joined group 2 and ran a 35 min session with a cooldown and warm up before .It was hard as I managed to do a 1.30 400m and a 3.40 800m run

friday 13 feb was supposed to be a swim but again I just could not get up.Did sleep late so from next week the sessions will build up as i will be back into the routine but i am more concious of the need to listen to the body and rest as I don't think there is any point putting the body under any stree this early into the build and the stresses probably do not help in the motivation to get up.
thew eekend is set to beinteresting with 2 races on sat and sun ..champion lakes tri on sat and leighton beach on sunday.