Thursday, February 5, 2009

tuesday had a morning ride of 2 hrs with the group . Hung on for as long as I could but it was a struggle.Partly the weight issue and the bike .Had to ride back to the coffee shop as well.but the new bike is coming and hope to then be able to keep up.
wed had swimming and did about 2.3 k and whilst i was tired i managed to finish the session feeling better.
stroke count horrible at 50-60 strokes per 50m .did a run round the foreshore past the brewery.
45 mins and very windy saw kim running and lots of cyclist.
thursday turned out to be a non starter as I was too sleepy to get out of bed so i didn't ...just too stressful so I will run and swim tomorrow and cycle on sat and Sunday.
Had the bike set up today in the evening and saw the specialized bike s-works which looks good and hope to have it by next week.