Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The week began well accept that i slept in after having some difficulty getting to bed.
I did a 55 min run in the evening and at easy pace .it was reasonably warm , followed by swim
training .
swim training:
400 free /medley
100 free
6 x 250m
100 warm down free/

Had an early night and got up at 4.39am
the ride this morning was good ..kept up with the group despite having to follow and not take my turn in the rotation.Averaged approx 31.9 kph including riding out to birwood avenue.

In the evening I did a body pump class just to get back into some weight training.
Feel sore after the first outing

wed morn slept in again...no running for me.
did swim today at the 6.30 session.
swim consisted:
200 free
200 medley
6x50 6strokes free 6 backstroke
1 x1000 m pulbuoy
1x 800 m pulbuoy

did the swim focusiing on stroke keeping my elbows up and high as much as i could
my stroke count i believe has improved down to 50 strokes every 50 m

north coast newsletter out :
the article on IMNZ 25 anniv is great.