Sunday, February 27, 2011

A hot week

This week Perth has been hot .The night temperature has been in the 20s and the day temperature has been above 35C .Just hot and it has been a hard recovery week .It was a full on week and after Sunday's race I decided to skip my Monday run.

On Wednesday , I swam in the morning and we did a full session . I swam 2.5km and felt good with a long main set of 1000m and 600. and 2x200m . I ran in the evening and it was hot .I had planned on getting to the Running centre at Hay street to join the slow runners but they had taken off and I never caught them .

On Thursday it was up early and a ride out to Nedlands where I did threshold efforts along Mounts bay road with the group.My legs were still fatigued and I had some difficulty keeping up with the group. I think the running in the heat has made getting back into any reasonable state quick enough very difficult. I rode home in the evening and that was a long day with 3 hours on the bike in the heat.I managed to ride over 80kms .

Friday was an easy day I skipped swimming but did 2 runs a 55 min and 40 minute run at lunch time and in the evening. I ran from East Freo to Leighton Beach at lunch time just over 8km and came back dripping in sweat. In the evening it was a lot better and I did about 7km.

Saturday was a rest day with my fatigue and the heat and in retrospect it wasthe right decision despite the importance of doing the long rides.

I did swim on Sunday and Tony, Les ,Hanna and myself did  a 2km plus swim at Cottesloe.There was lots of stingers (jellyfish with stingers) about and at the start I got one across my face .That nearly ended my swim as I struggled to get it off and then had to contend with foggy goggles.Manage to catch up with the rest at the Blue Duck Cafe and then head further on to the turn around at the steps at North Cottesloe. The return trip was just as bad with stingers along the way and I copped one on my lips.Fortunately I do not have a bad reaction to them and it just hurts.

The training cycle was to incorporate increasing volume and pace but with the heat this week I decided if I wanted to survive the next few weeks I had to listen to my body. It hard as the long training sessions are critical but with the Singapore 70.3 a few weeks away and a very hard few weeks ahead it it important to get as much rest as I can as well.