Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hillary's Triathlon 20 February 2011

After yesterday long ride it was a test to back it up with a race on Sunday Morning .My first for the year which is a surprise  as I usually do a few during the season.But training has taken a priority over the short races. Finished in 1. hr20 mins .37 secs .But Trievemts had me at a time of 1.28 with a 3 minute faster swim . I know that is wrong as one of the guys who came in after me did a 1.23 . Sent them an email as they must have a glitch that may affect others. My results wont change the standings much.

It turned out to be a nice cool day with a no wetsuit swim .Took the dilemma of deciding whether to wear a wet suit out of the equation . I was a little stiff from the ride but otherwise fine.

The race itself was great fun . I manage to draft of someone and did not push too hard and just sat on his feet but he did go off course and so I had to make my way back without anyone to draft off. I got to the beach in 16.50 according to my Garmin and probably crossed the timing mat 40 secs later.

The bike leg was 3 laps on a km plus course with two short climbs. It was windy but enjoyable the only hard bit for me was the short climb my legs were pretty much cooked so I had to spin slowly up and try to make up time on the downhill and flats.I did a 37.25 on the bike course with some time in transition included as I did not press the Transition button on the Garmin till I was running out . So I was happy with the bike time given my legs.

The run was also pretty much as expected . I managed to run at about a 4.39 pace and did the 5km run in 23.35 mins which was a min faster than last year .

Happy with that given the weeks training and  I am on track training wise.